How to know when a Garage Repairman is Giving you a Good Deal



Choosing a local garage door professional to service, repair or install your garage door is little different than hiring any other home improvement contractor: Make sure they have good reviews, check licenses and insurance, and ensure you read the contract thoroughly before you agree to any work.

One aspect of hiring a garage door professional that differs, however, is emergency service. If you need after-hours or weekend service for a damaged or malfunctioning garage door or opener, be sure to ask your garage door contractor upfront about emergency service call fees, which can cost hundreds more than regular services. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, you may save significant money by scheduling garage door repairs and services during normal business hours.

Cost vs. Value

When replacing a garage door or getting it fixed, most homeowners are cost-conscious (i.e. they’re worried about the upfront cost of materials and labor). This focus on price is understandable. After all, garage door replacements are usually an unexpected expense. One day the door is working fine, and the next day, it isn’t. However, as with most home improvement projects, you should be value-conscious.

Be prepared to pay a little extra for quality and experience. The higher price is well worth the added expense, since a properly installed garage door essentially pays for itself. According to experts, the average return-on-investment (ROI) of an upgraded garage door is a whopping 83.7 percent. But the true returns don’t stop there:

Given their size and exposure to the elements, garages often result in excessive heating charges in the winter and exorbitant cooling expenses in the summertime. By installing an insulated door, you can dramatically cut down on your monthly utility bill, helping to speed up the payback period of your investment. Garages also represent a major security risk. A well-fortified garage door can reduce the likelihood of theft.

Getting a Good Deal by a Garage Door Repairman

So value (and not price) should be your primary focus. Fair enough. But how much should you actually budget when replacing a standard residential garage door or getting it repaired?

Costs vary considerably. The exact price depends on any number of factors, including:

Materials: Garage doors come in all shapes and sizes, using a wide range of different materials. A basic, un-insulated steel door costs less than a higher-end, custom wood door.

Labor: It’s possible to replace a garage door on your own (as a weekend project). However, DIY garage door replacements often end up costing more in the long run. You’re almost always better off hiring a professional to complete the job. Ask about what warranties are available.

Location: Prices also vary by region. This makes a lot of sense given the major differences in architectural styles and climate that exist throughout the country. A typical home in Vermont has very different requirements than a stucco home in Arizona. To get a better idea of pricing ranges according to the place you live in search online and save money by comparing different deals.

The best deal from a door repairman would be the Value he delivers, because Value is more important than cost. But if you’re still worried about budget, the best tip of all is to keep your garage door in optimal condition for as long as possible. In addition to the annual maintenance tips, you can also conduct an annual DIY checklist. At the first sign of trouble, you may be able to make minor fixes on your own before the problem requires a professional garage door expert.

To be safe and lower risks, it is best to hire a professional garage door specialist. The specialist can determine and address the problems of your garage door and propose a feasible solution.  Feel free to contact us any time for help.  Call Yuval at (215) 805-9209 or visit – don’t forget our Awesome Amazon Local Deal!  Garage adjustment, reconditioning + safety inspection. and for another $34 we will replace up to 8 rollers!  Mention Code: Secure4Sure10 to get another 10% off your order!


The Best Brands for your Automatic Garage Door Opener


The best garage door opener is the one you install and then never think about again. After that, it fades into the background of your life, offering years and years of hassle-free service. Here are the criteria we used to rank the best garage door openers:

  1. Chamberlain Premium MyQ 1/2 HP

Chamberlain’s Premium MyQ 1/2 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener is an all-purpose garage door opener. It has an industrial-strength chain for long-lasting performance. It includes two visor remotes and a keypad – perfect for the family on the go. It is enhanced with MyQ technology thus allowing you (with purchase of additional accessories) to monitor, control and receive alert notifications for your garage door opener and household lights from anywhere in the world via the MyQ Application. Features a 1/2 HP motor for easy lifting of heavy doors Chain drive system opens garage doors smoothly and quietly. Patented security plus 2.0 rolling code technologies along with multi-frequency transmitters help eliminate interference, providing consistent performance over a long range. Home link compatible – the in-vehicle remote control system (may require an external adapter depending on the make, model and year of your vehicle). Allows for up to 200-Watt of lighting and is CFL compatible

  1. Chamberlain WD832KEV Ultra Quiet and Strong 1/2 HP

We have ranked WD832KEV Ultra Quiet and Strong 1/2 HP Belt Drive garage door opener is durable and noiseless product. The attractive hardware, coupled with the smart security system makes it second in our list. If you forget to shut your garage door, it will automatically shut it using its feature ‘Time to Closure’ that allows you to shut the door after 5 or 10 minutes. This high performance door even does not produce any noise while the door is being opened or shut. Power saving, and battery support are not the mere highlighting features of the product, but there is another eye-popping feature as well. You can operate your garage door even with your smartphone.

  1. 8550 LiftMaster Elite Series® Wall Mount

8550 LiftMaster Elite Series Wall Mount Garage Door Opener is second in our list of the top 5 best garage door openers as per our garage door opener reviews. This garage door opener ensures safety and security as well as a greater level of ease for the user. It is a smart garage door opener, which constantly monitors the atmospheric conditions, and the height of the garage door and the amount of force required to lift or shut the garage door. It provides the variant force feature that helps enables your garage door opener to adjust the speed of opening / shutting the door at different level of garage door position. Its battery timing and power consumption is also superbly user-friendly and economical. It also uses the highly encrypted codes to open and shut the door that change each time the door is opened or shut. The door can be handled manually if the power is off. It also provides lifetime motor warranty and 5 year warranty of the product parts.

  1. Craftsman 3/4 hp Chain Drive

The Craftsman Keyless Garage Door Opener Lifts Fast and Locks Tight More powerful than most, the Craftsman 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener was built to make short work of heavy doors with a smooth cranking action that’s quiet and reliable. An extra 1/4 horse of muscle raises your garage door 25 percent faster than traditional motors, so whether you’re in a hurry or trying the keep the cold out in the winter, this opener operates quickly to get you in and out of the garage without wasting time. With a pair of Security+® remotes and a handy keyless entry pad included, this powerful opener delivers a level of convenience, that even if you lose your keys, will open for you every time. And if you’re worried about thieves, don’t be. Its main features are Craftsman 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener features a rugged chain drive for smooth, dependable operation. Security+® anti-burglary coding. Keyless entry so there’s no need to fumble for keys or a remote control. Motion-detecting control console automatically turns the opener lights on when you enter the garage. Homelink compatible – open/close door from vehicles that have the built-in visor remote for convenience.

  1. Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper Drive

Chamberlain’s another great product ranks third in our top 5 the best garage door opener. Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper Drive garage door opener at the top, because it has everything that you can expect from a garage door opener including the beauty of the design. It is well trusted because of superb, durable and attractive hardware design. Furthermore, it comes up with 2 remote controls instead of 1, it has a large button which you can hit even holding many bags in your hands. It scores 10 out of 10 star rating in security and safety category as well. It uses codes to command the system to open and shut the door that are different each time a command is sent, so it is quite safe from the code hackers. In addition to this, this garage door offers manual control access that can the remote control access if you lose your remote control.

  1. Sommer 3/4 hp Direct Drive

Direct Drive offers Europe’s leading innovative technology – made in Germany. Lifetime warranty on the entire unit and 2-year warranty on all accessories. Rail length for up to 8′ tall garage doors with standard radius, no additional extension kit required. Ideal for garages with adjacent living spaces, it is considered the quietest opener on the market. The motor glides silently along a stationary chain embedded in a sturdy steel rail – no maintenance or lubrication required. Direct Drive 3/4 HP provides maximum lifting force that is strong and durable like a chain drive. Safety sensors and sensitive obstacle detection ensure the highest level of safety. Easy assembly and installation, quick rail assembly kit.

  1. Direct Drive 1042V001 3/4 HP

The garage door opener technology is at its peak when it comes to the Direct Drive 1042V 001 ¾ HP garage door opener. This superb appliance gives you much more than you can imagine to have out of a garage door opener at an affordable price. It is the only of its kind, as it does not belong to the conventional garage door openers family. Unlike to the belt, screw, and chain drive garage door openers, it has only 1 moving part operated by the motor. It is durable, quiet, and really very strong. However, you shall require the services of professional for installing this unique garage door opener. Not only for the garage, but you can also use it for your home doors as well. The things are not confined to the above mentioned features only. Direct Drive 1042V 001 ¾ HP garage door opener comes up with lifetime warranty and offers battery timing of up to 30000 hours.

  1. Genie QuietLift 800

The Genie Company QuietLift 800 1/2 HPc* Power Plus DC Motor Belt Drive Garage Door Opener is ideal for installation in attached garages with adjacent living spaces as it delivers a quiet and smooth operation. Features a 1/2 hp comparable*, Power Plus DC motor for easy lifting of sectional doors up to 350 lbs. in weight. Opening/closing speed smooth and powerful at up to 7 in. per second. Accessories included: two 3-button remotes, multi-function wall console, wireless  keypad. 3-Piece rail assembly and factory-assembled belt for added strength and quick installation. Safe-T-Beam sensor helps reduce the risk of accidents; stops and reverses door when beam detects objects in door way. Manual release handle for unpowered doors due to loss of electricity or operational issues. 2 bulb lighting system for added convenience and security; accommodates 60-Watt bulbs (not included). Electronic limit settings position the door for a full opening and tight close. But a German thing is defiantly a good made!

  1. Chamberlain PD752D 3/4-Horsepower HP Chain Drive

This low priced, but competitive garage door opener is perfect for any type of garage door and therefore it has been ranked 5th in our list of top 5 best garage door openers. The amazing combination of price, quality and performance, Chamberlain PD752D garage door opener has proved it is worthy of the 4.6 / 5 star rating on Amazon. You are not supposed to hire the services of any professional to get it installed alongside your garage door, because it is fast and easy to install. Its smart security system protects user from accidental closures, and break-ins and theft. While closing the door it transmits invisible light beams to the floor. If anything is in the way the door itself reverse back to avoid damage. As per the garage door opener reviews, this product is more reliable than any other present in the market. Therefore, its 1 year limited parts warranty and limited lifetime motor warranty are quite sufficient for the users’ satisfaction.

  1. Decko 24300 3/4 HP Heavy Duty Reduced Noise Chain Drive

Decko garage door opener is one of the best chain garage door openers available in the market today. It’s a huge improvement over earlier chain drive openers that shook houses and squealed. This one is not the quietest chain drive opener, yet it’s relatively pretty quiet and has smooth operation. The reviews rave about breezy installation and excellent customer support from Decko. The opener has a very powerful chain system with 3/4 HP which makes it ideal for heavy door lifting.  The garage door opener has wireless keyless entry, optical safety sensors, button remotes as well as reverse safety sensors that can reverse the action if the garage door encounters an obstacle when it is closing the door. The system is also compatible with Home Link. Main features are   Easy installation featuring non-polarized wiring making installing the wiring error free. Can handle garage doors 7 feet tall and 18 feet wide. 8 foot extension is available to accommodate larger doors. Need to be bought extra. Auto reverse safety system. Optical sensors.

So this sums up our list of top ten Garage Door Openers. Do let us now if we missed any garage door openers.  To be safe and lower risks, it is best to hire a professional garage door specialist. The specialist can determine and address the problems of your garage door and propose a feasible solution.  Feel free to contact us any time for help.  Call Yuval at (215) 805-9209 or visit – don’t forget our Awesome Amazon Local Deal!  Garage adjustment, reconditioning + safety inspection. and for another $34 we will replace up to 8 rollers!  Mention Code: Secure4Sure10 to get another 10% off your order!


When You Will Know That Your Garage Needs to be Repaired



Listed below are some of the common signs that will indicate whether your garage door needs to be repaired. The repair company can help address the problems immediately so that you won’t have to pay for huge repair bills in the long run, and prevent any potential risks that might arise.

  1. The Door Doesn’t Open Or Close: Obviously, if your garage door refuses to open or close using the control buttons, it needs to be repaired. There are various reasons for such incident, such as bad connection between the door and the control panel, or due to door malfunction. To test your garage door again, you must make sure that nothing is blocking it from closing. Try the controllers to make sure that the door isn’t moving at all before you call a professional.
  1. Slow Response Time: You have to observe how long it takes for your door to respond to your commands. Typically, it must begin to open or close within a second or two after you pressed the opener. It must then open or close smoothly without any hitching or delay. If you observe any delay in the operation, it might indicate that something is wrong with your door or with the opener. It is advisable to have it inspected by a garage door repair professional.
  1. Sagging Garage Door Sections: It is advisable to check and test the balance of your garage door at least once a month. This involves disconnecting the opener from the door and manually operating it. When you bring the door at about midway and leave it there, it must not continue to rise or fall. If it does, there must be something wrong with the tension spring or other parts of your door. Do not try to check or repair the components on your own, especially if you have no prior experience.
  1. The Door Makes A Lot Of Noise: Most old garage doors make a lot of noise when operated; however, if the creaking or straining is excessive, there might be a problem with your spring, or the opener bracker, or the opener itself.
  1. The Door Is Off The Tracks: The garage door must be operated within the tracks that are placed on either side of the door, but there are times when it comes off the tracks. This usually happens when the door is not in good condition or has been damaged. A repair man can inspect the problem and replace the key parts if necessary to ensure that it will operate properly.
  2. Increasing Energy Bills:If you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home, you must consider swapping your old door for a new one. Newer models are made to be more energy efficient. By upgrading your door, you will be able to save more money on your energy bills in the long run.
  1. Inconsistent Movement: When your garage door falters when you open or close it, replacement is a likely option. Sudden jerking movements may eventually lead to total collapse which can lead to injury and property or automobile damage.
  1. An uneven Garage Door: The bottom of the garage door must sit evenly on the floor. The problem of an uneven garage door is often caused by mechanical malfunction and slightly open doors allow insects and varmints to enter your residence. It can also affect the room temperature in your house.
  1. Inadequate Safety Feature: Your garage door may not have any type of problems that will warrant replacement. However, you need to ask yourself whether your garage door has safety features like sensors that will trigger reverse action, should it detect any object underneath. You may choose to install a detector to lessen the cost; but if your garage door does not have one in the first place, it might just be appropriate to replace your garage door completely as it is already old and may eventually break down. 
  1. Security Question Like the safety feature, security is another prime consideration when replacing your garage door. Aside from keeping your vehicles protected from the elements of nature, your garage door must also make you and your family feel safe inside your home. Older garage doors can be easily broken into by intruders. Replacing it with new garage doors with the latest security features will help you sleep soundly at night.

To be safe and to lower risks, it is best to take help of a professional garage door specialist. The specialist can determine and address the problems of your garage door and propose a feasible solution.  Feel free to contact me anytime for help.  Call Yuval at (215) 805-9209 or visit – don’t forget our Awesome Amazon Local Deal!  Garage adjustment, reconditioning + safety inspection. and for another $34 we will replace up to 8 rollers!  Mention Code: Secure4Sure10 to get another 10% off your order!