Automatic Garage Doors – Dos and Don’ts

Did you know that garage doors sometimes weight more than 400 pounds? It is often the largest and heaviest moving object in most homes – no surprises there! However, people often neglect to check if their garage door and opener are working properly and safely, which can prove to be problematic. Automatic garage doors are a safe, reliable convenience, but poor maintenance and carelessness with these doors can result in tragedy.

Here are a few dos and don’ts that can help to prevent accidents involving automatic garage doors – take a look:


  • Check the garage door and opener on a regular basis – they are heavy, strong, and potentially dangerous if neglected.
  • It is advisable to read the garage door and opener owner’s manuals and file them for future reference – you never know when they might be required.
  • Remove all ropes, hooks, and other projections from your garage door if you have a garage door opener. These items can catch on a child’s clothing or pet’s collar, causing serious injury or even death.
  • If there is a garage door opener, make sure you disable the lock on the door. If someone accidentally locks the door and tries to operate the automatic opener, it can lead to fatalities, but not if the lock is disabled.
  • Please ensure you know exactly how to disengage the opener of an automatic garage door if there is an emergency.
  • Keep all fingers and hands away from the garage door section joints when lifting or lowering the garage door, or while the door is moving to help prevent serious injury to fingers or hands.
  • Before going into or coming out of the garage, wait till the door has completely stopped moving.


  • Don’t try to experiment with the garage door, door hardware, or opener – it should be handled by professionals.
  • Similarly, you should never adjust or replace door springs, cables or other door hardware– it isn’t a DIY task!
  • Don’t forget to install warning labels at the appropriate locations.
  • Don’t open or close your automatic garage door if it is out of your sight.
  • Door opener controls should never be within reach of children. Push buttons need to be at least 5 feet from the floor so kids can’t access it, and even hand-held remotes should be kept at bay.

Caution should always be exercised around automatic garage doors!

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