Necessary details you must take into account before you purchase garage doors

Garage doors naturally provide a safety condition to our vehicles, the ones which we own or else if someone keeps their vehicles at our place as well. There are numerous other benefits associated with why garage doors are important and that we will be discussing here as well. We may not find the right garage door model for our use and thus it is important that we take care of few aspects before purchasing or covering our garage using garage doors.

Important features to take care of before purchasing any garage door

  • The first and foremost part of a garage door is whether or not the size is okay with our garage opening. This is important as we must take care of the size requirement before we could order the manufacture and delivery of a garage door. The perfect size measurement is possible if you hire a specialist in this case as manual measuring of the right size and spots will do no good for your purpose. You can also measure on your own if you properly take care of the width required, the height and the headroom and ceiling of your garage. All of these sizes needs to be mentioned to the manufacturer and only then they will be able to deliver your product perfectly.
  • The next part you must take into account is that you should select the color of the door your want. There are numerous colors available but you must select the color that you prefer the most. Selecting the color of your choice is important as you must feel good when you see your garage door while taking your car out or else to beautify your place as well.
  • Take note of all the sensors that you need for the proper functioning. In this case the more money you fork out, the better sensor-ed door you get. Numerous sensors are used while manufacturing a garage door. The hinges, the springs and other parts needs to be automatically controlled when someone wants to take their car out or wants to place their car in the garage. These sensors can be proximity, ultraviolet or other depending on the garage door you want to use. Overall the best quality garage doors have nearly a few dozen sensors on them which tells you why you should spend much more if you want high quality garage doors to your benefit.
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  • Lastly see for the remaining spaces that you want on your garage door. If you want to place a CCTV on your garage to see for your safety then you must make sure that the garage door do not block the view at any manner. Other crucial aspects, such as room for automatic garage door opening buttons and closing buttons are important and must be taken care of.

Keep track of your budget and what you need and do not need for an effective garage door. When you are absolutely sure only then should you buy a garage door.

4 points to take note of for choosing the best garage door for your garage

How to buy the right garage doors is one of the most searched item in Google. This tells us regarding how much people want to buy the proper and right garage doors for their garage but can not make terms with what they want and what experts say they need. This is why you must know few things regarding garage doors that you may not have known and might change the way you look towards garage doors and how you want to design your garage doors effectively.

Things to know regarding garage doors

  • Garage doors are now available in both automatic as well manual versions. With relevant technology and inventions we can now purchase automatic garage doors and make use of them in our house. With automatic version we won’t need to worry regarding any button press or manually pulling up and down of garage doors for our purposes. But with the manual version we will have to pull the door up or down and that becomes a tedious job over time. But considering the budget, the manual doors comes cheaper than their automatic counterparts and thus this factor depends upon your budget. Also there are other modes of door opening and closing as can be witnessed with smart garage doors which can be opened or closed by an external remote or using our smartphone.
  • Take care of the springs that you want to use. Use high quality and springs with more torsion than usual. The springs take care of how smoothly your garage door will open or close and is an important feature that you need to take care of. Make sure that you buy doors with more cycle ratings of the spring that is used by your door. Preferably go for more than 10,000 cycles rated springs as even 10,000 cycles would seem less if you use your garage door to open and close quite frequently.
  • Select proper door design before you install the garage door. Door designs are important as both the material and the style will say quite a lot about how well your door fits and it’s life cycle over the years. There are numerous door designs that can be found on the door company’s booklet or their website. Contact with expert personnel who will be able to give you a better insight into how well your door needs to be designed for absolute satisfactory results. As for the materials, garage door comes in various types such as aluminium, wooden, steel or even vinyl.
  • The most important thing when you go for a garage door installation is the safety factors that you must take into consideration. Right now the best option is to go for motion detectors that will sense whether there is something in between it’s closing and opening positions. Take care of all the other safety features before buying any garage door and this will ensure you proper security that is not available with manual doors.

How good you know your garage door and what to do if it is not working?

You have a fault at your garage door that needs to be repaired and you may be considering saving money by doing the repair yourself instead of hiring a professional. But, even if it is a small malfunction and the opportunity to save money looks tempting, you may pay the consequences of not having a professional service later.

Do you know your garage door mechanism?

A typical garage door has two main parts – the garage door and the opener. Naturally, the details of the repair should focus on the damages that affect these two components. The first thing to remember is that the secret of the door mechanism lies in the spring. The door of your upper garage has a spring tension that operates it. A metal track was installed on the walls, and these tracks provide the path for the movements of the door. The task of the spring is to provide the mechanical power that the door needs to move up. These metal tracks are generally held in place by metal supports. You should inspect if the bolts or screws that hold these brackets are loose. Tighten them if so and continue with the next task.

While inside the garage, carefully examine the path of the metal track. See if it has no knocks or cracks that can prevent the door from moving smoothly. If you have seen that there are indeed dents, you can flatten them by hitting them with a hammer or mallet. A block of wood usually helps a lot if you think you need the extra strength. There are times when footprints cannot be repaired only with these efforts due to serious damage. In such cases, it is better to completely replace them to avoid wasting effort and time. For any situation, it is better to call for an expert repairing service.

Some other issues regarding malfunction

There are also times when the problem is caused by dirt or hardened grease. This can be easily remedied with a high strength household cleaner. You should clean and dry the rollers to ensure that the presence of dirt is completely removed. In the case of hardened and unruly dirt, you can use a scraper to scrape the dirt. After softening the dents, the next thing to check is the alignment of these tracks. If they are even slightly misaligned, place them properly immediately. You can do it by loosening the screw, and then touch the tracks to align them. Be sure to tighten the screws well after correcting.

In addition to the metal tracks, there are also many hinges that hold the other parts together. Inspect everyone for lazy ones and adjust them. You can also check the hinges that hold the door sections together. Replace damaged immediately. The maintenance of the hinges can also mean checking the cracks around them. If you really think you can do all these maintenances on your own then good luck. And, if not, then call for an expert today.

Possible 5 reasons and their solutions that why doesn’t my garage door work

Maybe you don’t know, but the garage door plays a vital role in the security of your house. Even if you probably don’t think about it. A garage door that does not work can be a serious problem if your car is stuck inside the garage, or if you cannot access it, and must leave it on the street overnight. We list below 5 simple steps to follow if you want to fix your garage door.

Even if you try to do it yourself, do not hesitate to contact a specialized garage door company to quickly, and easily repair your garage door system. Trying to fix the stressed garage door yourself can be very dangerous.

Why doesn’t my garage door work?

Here are some common problems with garage doors (and their repairs).

  • The garage door does not open – Your garage controller may need new batteries, or it may need to be reprogrammed. If none of this has worked, you may need a new garage controller compatible with yours. If the door is stuck but open, verify that the photoelectric sensor near the base is aligned and unobstructed.
  • The garage door gets stuck – Rails, rollers or hardware may be dirty. Clean everything with a little household cleaner and then re-lubricate the moving parts with a lubricant recommended by a garage door company. The rails can have small dents or flat points that can be hit.
  • The garage door sinks on one side –If it is a multi-sectional door, it may be necessary to tighten the hinges on the sinking side. It is also possible that the rails on each side are misaligned – use a level to verify.
  • The garage door does not close completely – Something may be obstructing the photoelectric sensors or they may not be pointing directly at each other. If they are fine, you can increase the closing pressure or adjust the limits, but again, do it in small increments.
  • Broken springs or broken engine – These are the most serious repairs to garage doors. If you have a broken spring or need to repair your garage door engine, you should contact a specialized garage door company. It is always recommended to replace the springs in pairs, to ensure a balanced operation.

Conclusion: important aspects to remember

Regular maintenance of your garage door system can help prevent some of these repairs. The garage malfunction is probably one of the frustrations experienced by the homeowner. When the door creaks, gets stuck or worse, it just doesn’t move, don’t get frustrated so easily because the repair tricks are not that difficult. You can probably do your first step by reviewing the clues that were mentioned a while ago. It is important to know when it is better to call a professional service provider. If your garage door is of the type that is wound with a tension spring, then it is better not to attempt a repair. There is a great possibility that you get hurt with this type of springs.

5 Garage Door Problems That Can Ruin Your Christmas

Christmas means celebrations and having fun and spending time with your loved ones. Little do we want to care about or deal with obscure problems that come with its accompanying winter! Otherwise, these simple garage door problems are easy to tackle and can be prevented with minimal effort. So let’s start with the first one –

  • Contracting metal

Metal contracts at lower temperatures, and so does pulleys and wires, which makes it harder for the door to move up and down smoothly. The best way to tackle the problem is to adjust the force limit of your garage motor. Consult your Owner’s Manual and go DIY or give us a call for quick adjustments. Our professionals are always ready to help.

  • Garage door is freezing to the floor or not opening completely

This is more of a cleaning issue than a winter issue. Due to higher moisture content in the months of winter, dust and ice are more likely to accumulate under your garage door and freeze it shut. The problem can be prevented easily by keeping it clean. Make sure you scrape away the ice and dust from your garage opening. And if needed, apply a cooking spray on the rubber part to prevent it from sticking to the floor.

  • Remote controller not working properly

It’s the most common problem and can arise due to many reasons – especially in the winter season. Start from checking your batteries. Swap them with a new pair and see if that solves the problem. If that doesn’t work, make sure the magic eye sensor on the motor is not being blocked or hindered by something. It can be ice, snow, accumulated dust, or a thicket of dews. If it still doesn’t work, you may need to reprogram your remote and better contact a professional at this point.

  • Damaged or worn weather stripping

This is less of a garage door problem and more of a Christmas problem. Compared to other doors in your house, your garage door allows a much bigger passage for cold air to enter your house. To prevent it, a thick weather-stripping is installed on each edge of the door. However, it can wear out over time and become useless. Make sure you give it a thorough inspection and get a new one installed before your electricity or heating bill skyrockets. You can also try and keep the inner access door closed as much as possible.

  • Excess grease or grease thickening

We apply grease on the garage door tracks to ease the sliding. However, cold weather can cause the grease to thicken and become a problem in itself. The best way is to refrain from applying grease in the months of winter. Wipe clean the vertical rollers if needed. And if you still run into a problem, call in a professional.

The best way to keep your garage door running smoothly in the months of winter is to keep it clean. Make sure there is no debris, dust, or ice on the area under it or the roller tracks. And you won’t run into any setbacks. Merry Christmas.

5 DIY Tips to Keep Your Garage Door Opening and Closing Smoothly in the Months of winter

Winter brings its own host of problems when it comes to garage doors. The key to keep it running smoothly is to understand that – most of these “winter problems” are only a by-product of lower temperatures and moisture in the air. It’s much better and easier and cost-effective to prevent these problems much before they occur. So let’s see how you can do just that –

  • Keep it clean

Make sure you shovel away any dust, debris, ice, or snow at the bottom of your garage door. It can not only freeze your door close, but also false activate the censors and prevent the door from closing completely. A much better practice is to keep your door open while you shovel and make sure everything – as in rollers, tracks, pulleys, locks, etc. – is clean and dry.

  • Apply a Solvent on regular basis:

Due to higher moisture levels and lower temperatures, dust and ice become more likely to accumulate and penetrate into door mechanism and on the tracks. Making it harder for the door to work properly. Make sure you order a spray solvent that is designed to keep the tracks clean and apply it on a regular basis – as recommended on the manual or required.

  • Lubricate Pulleys

It’s a common mistake to apply the grease and lubricants on the roller and track only while neglecting the pulleys whatsoever.

The pulleys are the usually semi-enclosed through a casing, which can get clogged easily and cause the fixing-cost to skyrocket in no time. Lubricating your pulleys is the only way to make sure they keep working properly. So make sure you apply a quality lubricant on a regular basis.

  • Wipe and Brush Everything Clean

Grease based lubricants usually get thick and clogging in cold temperatures. You need to get rid of these as early as possible. And the best way to go about is to dip a washcloth or rag in a solvent-based material and use it to wipe out the roller tracks, etc.

  • Apply a Silicone Based Lubricant

Unlike grease and other old school lubrication methods, silicone-based lubricants do not get thick or clogged due to temperature fluctuations. These may cost a little more compared to normal alternatives. But applying a silicone-based lubricant will keep your garage door running smoothly for the year around. It’s much economical to invest into one of these. Especially in the long run.

  • Bonus tip –

Keep another set of batteries handy and clean the magic eye on the motor on a regular basis. More often than not –these are the culprits when you press the remote and nothing happens. If it still doesn’t work, try to open the door manually to make sure the problem lies with the controller, and then call in a professional.

Do remember that prevention is better than cure. Undertaking the above steps when no information has occurred can keep you safe from wasting a lot of money and time on repair and professional maintenance. Enjoy the winters.

Is Your Garage Door Storm Ready?

Garage doors are huge in size that makes them more vulnerable to damage from high winds and storms in comparison to other entry ways to your property. This is why, it is extremely important to choose a garage door that is strong enough to withstand external elements without getting damaged to soon.

If you feel that your garage door is not strong enough to withstand extreme winds or a storm then you must consider replacing it with a new and advanced one. A garage door that is storm ready will have additional bracing and heavy gauge tracking, so as to stay firm even under the harshest climatic conditions.

Installing a new garage door that is storm ready is most essential for homeowners who live in areas that are more prone to high winds, hurricanes and storms. It is a onetime investment that will not only offer protection against any strong external elements, but also add to the overall appeal of your home.

If you are looking forward to install a storm-ready garage door at your home, then all you need to do is to get in touch with us at Secure For Sure for the best quality installations!

Garage Door Security Tips

The safety of your home is of the utmost importance, and garage doors play an integral role in this aspect. Intruders often choose to enter a property via the garage door; it is often left unlocked by mistake.

Here are some handy tips to keep intruders at bay:

Lock garage doors

As stated above, this is the most basic safety measure so burglars can’t enter. If you have to manually open and close your garage doors, it goes without saying that you should always keep them locked. Most houses nowadays have automatic garage door openers, which make garage doors far more difficult (but not impossible) for a thief to get past. If you are going on a holiday, clamp a padlock on one of the door tracks to ensure they remain closed. It is also a good practice to keep your exterior garage service door and interior garage access door locked at all times.

Zip tie the emergency door release

All automatic door openers have an emergency release lever that typically has a red cord attached to it, so you can open or close garage doors during a power outage. By pushing in on the top of the garage door and creating just enough of a gap, intruders can access the cord or lever by fishing for them with a wire hook and then pulling, which would open the door. Securing the release lever with a zip tie prevents tampering.

Upgrade to modern technology

Replace outdated garage door openers with automatic ones that guarantee excellent security. They are quieter and more energy efficient as compared to older models. Another great feature of some modern garage door openers is smart technology, which lets you monitor and operate your garage doors remotely. If anyone is trying to break into your garage, you can set it up and get an alert message on your phone.

Maintain garage doors

Old garage doors that are warped, have faded paint, and don’t provide a tight door seal aren’t just detracting from your curb appeal and hurting your home’s energy efficiency, but are compromising security as well. Replace your outdated garage doors with any of the wide selection of modern styles. They should be sturdy and durable, while acting as a deterrent.

Install a garage security system like alarms and CCTV surveillance, so you can keep an eye on suspicious activity around the exterior of your home!

Winter Maintenance for Garage Doors

A broken garage door is more than an inconvenience because it leaves the home open to harsh winter elements. That is why it is necessary to maintain garage doors when the weather turns cold.

Here are a few tips:

Wipe down weather stripping and check for cracks

The weather strip might get frozen to the pavement. If this happens, you will face trouble opening the door, especially if there are cracks in the stripping. Dry your weather stripping to avoid this issue altogether. If you notice cracks, they have to be fixed right away.

Clean dirt from the door, track, and rollers

As you use your garage door, dirt and grime builds up on it, as well as on the track, and rollers. It might not seem like a big deal now, but you have to clean the dirt before winter sets in. If you neglect this problem, the dirt traps in moisture, which freezes and causes difficulty while opening the door.

Lubricate all moving parts

All moving components have to be lubricated thoroughly, as they tend to get cold and stuck during winter. Lubrication ensures smooth operation at all times. Don’t overdo – wipe off excess lubricant.

Tighten the hardware

Garage doors move up and down thousands of times a year. When you do the same thing day after day, the garage door wears out after some time. Parts become loose, so they have to be tightened periodically, or they might fall off. Go in with a socket wrench whenever you get the chance and tighten up any brackets and bolts.

Test door balance

When the garage door balance is off, the opener is forced to work harder, so it might have to be replaced sooner. Disconnect the opener by pulling the release handle so the door moves about halfway up. If it doesn’t stay in place then there is a problem with your balance and you have to get it fixed professionally.

Inspect and replace your rollers

No matter what material your rollers are made out of they need to be inspected at least twice a year and replaced after seven. These numbers go up if you rely on your garage door a lot. If you notice the rollers are cracked or chipped, replace them without further delay. Remove and reinstall any roller brackets that aren’t attached to the cable system. Lastly, listen for any unusual sounds made by the garage door when it is being opened or closed, as these noises usually indicate faulty mechanisms.

Summer Maintenance Tips for Garage Doors

Maintaining the garage door during summer time is a must, as it plays an integral role in keeping the garage cool. Rest assured, you don’t have to resort to complex mechanisms, as remembering a few simple pointers are sufficient.


Most garages lack insulation. Proper insulation drastically reduces the heat and lowering the garage’s temperature. Try upgrading to a new garage door that is already insulated and ready to combat the hot summer months. It will not only help cool down your garage but add an updated look to your home.

Get air flow

Getting some air moving in your garage is the quickest and easiest way to cool it down. Start by opening your garage door at least a foot to let out some of the pent up hot air. Fans also work wonderfully at getting some air movement inside a stagnant garage.

Fill all holes

Garages can be pretty drafty, letting hot air in and trapping it there. Take a moment to search your garage for any holes and then fill them. Use caulk at any visible gaps, such as between garage doors, or add weatherstripping to the bottom of your garage door to make your garage even more insulated.

Reinforce the door

During summer storm and hurricane season, it is all the more important to fortify your garage door from extreme weather conditions. Check to ensure there are no holes or openings within your garage door. Add proper reinforcements to keep your home and family safe during storms.

Wash it

Give the doors a good soak and wash when the weather is nice to remove dirt, grease and grime. You just need a simple mixture of water and a mild household detergent, as well as a wash cloth or sponge. Rinse thoroughly.

Test the door

Open and close the door to check for proper operation. Be on the lookout for strange noises or a door that closes halfway down. This is a serious safety issue that should be addressed right away.

Being in the garage when it is hot and humid outside can be miserable, and can cause you to forgo your project or workout and head back inside to the cool air conditioning inside your house. Don’t let the weather outside dictate your schedule when some tips can help to cool off the space so you can continue work in peace. Keep these summer maintenance tips in mind once spring knocks on the door!