Garage Door Openers Replacement Tips and Advice

Garage door openers replacement is pretty essential. An automated garage door opener that is operated with a click of a single button increases convenience for securing your basic household goods. You can raise or lower your garage door shutters with a soft press of a button on your door opener; there are several options available in the market to choose your garage door opener with the features that best benefits you.

Types of garage door opener

There are four types of garage door openers: belt-driven, chain-driven, jackshaft, and screw-driven.

Belt and screw-driven garage door opener are smooth that doesn’t make much noise; chain-driven garage door openers are noisy but are reasonable in terms of price and can lift heavier garage doors. In contrast, the jackshaft openers are innovative; they are mounted on the wall instead of the ceilings and don’t make noise, though they are expensive compared to other types of garage door openers.

Critical features in an ideal garage door opener

Power Requirements

One of the critical features of a garage door opener is the electric power that operates the garage door; a single door garage requires a small motor with no glitch, whereas a double door garage requires a heavy horsepower electric motor to operate oversized and bulky doors. The speed at which the doors open and closes is also essential to consider; hence the power capacity to the garage door is a feature to consider on priority.

Safety and Security Features

Safety is most important while garage doors are considered; they are based on an automated system controlled by a light beam; the garage doors stop proactively if any object comes beneath its path, considering children and pets around the garage area. Safety and security is the most crucial feature that must be considered while replacing a garage door opener. 


The garage door opener comes with in-built LED lights; they are featured for safety and are lit sufficiently until you enter your house after parking your vehicle. Some models of garage door openers are remotely controlled.

Remote Controls and Keypads

Garage door openers are controlled with a single button to open and close the garage door; in the latest technology garage door openers use your fingerprints to function; this latest technology is safest amongst other garage door openers.


If there is a power outage, and you need to park or take your car out from your garage, power backup is a must. There are selected models which allow you to back up the power in case of emergency.

Noise Control

If noise distracts you, then you might move away from a garage door model that operates on-chain and instead consider a garage door model that works on screwdriver or belt drives that produce absolutely no noise.

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There are plenty of options available in the market for garage door openers replacement. However, safety and security should be the topmost priority while choosing a garage door opener for your home. With an increasing demand for technology, garage door manufacturers are launching enhanced versions of their garage door equipment and accessories. Keeping updated with the latest technologies in this field can help you keep your garage door functioning in good condition for its long life.

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