Easy Garage Door Maintenance and Troubleshooting

While mechanical garage door openers can be very helpful and suitable they can also become a burden when not working rightly. Here are few tips to support your door openers in tip top shape, or support you determine the solution to fixing malfunctioning one. Anyway, since all garages are different and work in many ways, be sure to talk your owner’s manual or expert repairman for more help if required.


The primary step to a rightly functioning door is to rightly maintain in many moving parts. Here are best simple and amazing way to make sure years of use:

Yearly inspections

The top and most amazing way to solve an issue is to stop it. Be sure to inspect your electric motor and door for anything that seems out of the ordinary.

Stain and paint

Be sure to keep your door perfectly painted and stained. What most house owners do not realize is that this step contains both the outside and inside of your door.

Lubrication: the many moving parts must be kept lubricated, mainly the hinges and rollers that permit the door to bend and more perfectly.

Troubleshooting and repair

Several issues can arise in your garage opener or door because of their exposure to weather and many parts. The most general can generally be fixed fairly easily, but since garage door differ, be sure to verify your owner’s manual to make sure right repair.

One of the most general issues can be that the door becomes hard to close and open. This issue could potentially be with the automatic opener, in which you should address your owner’s manual. The easy way to check this is to pull the release cord that generally dangles below the opener to raise the door by hand. If  it works perfect when you perform this, then the issue is more likely with the automatic opener. If the door seems exceptionally heavy, the issue could be spring tension. Do not try to adjust the spring tension yourself as they are under high amounts of force and can be serious to adjust, call a rightly certified repairman instead.

If your house is fitted with a swing-up, single door piece that is sagging in the middle when it is raised, you or your repairman can install metal reinforcing rods across the heart of the interior door. If your door not open rightly but just opens four or five feet, the restrict adjustment screw should be adjusted according with the owner’s manual. If the door does not lock fully, the adjustment screw requires to be manipulated as well.

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