Garage Door Services Provide a Number of Benefits

Imagine you are getting late to office and you pick your car keys to reach office in a hurry and suddenly get disappointed knowing that your garage door is not opening or in another case imagine that your garage door is opening very slowly by making a weird noise and then it stops opening in the mid-way; isn’t this disappointing? It is essential to get your garage door serviced periodically to avoid such disappointments.

Garage door comes in three different types of materials: steel, wood, and aluminum. Steel is the preferred material for choosing a garage door; however, rusting is a challenge while purchasing a steel garage door. Wooden garage doors are for those homeowners who seek an elegant design that complements their home exteriors; however, a wooden garage door must be painted every year as it attracts dust throughout the year. Aluminum garage doors are most preferred garage door as it is lightweight and has a low maintenance cost.

Professional installation companies understand the garage door services and can suggest suitable garage door material based upon their home exterior inspection; they also provide customized garage doors under your planned budget. They offer quality products and services with a 100% guarantee.

Following are few steps to consider in the process of garage door services:

Step 1: The first step involves checking the metal tracks and mounting brackets. The central aspect of a garage door service involves tightening bolts and screws, ensuring they fit the brackets with the walls. Any dent, flat spots, or crimps must be checked on the tracks and serviced if they exist.

Step 2: The second step involves checking whether the tracks are correctly aligned; ideally, the tracks must slant down forward. Servicing also consists in checking the tilt is at the back of the garage.

Step 3: The third step is crucial, and it involves cleaning tracks, rollers with a household cleaner to remove grease and dirt from these two parts to make them dry.

Step 4: The fourth step is all about greasing and oiling the tracks and rollers after drying them from the previous step. Household oil must be used to lubricate both the tracks and rollers.

Step 5: The fifth step involves the garage entrance and tightening any loose hardware and proper mounting of the springs; hinges must be tightened in case of a roll-up door.

Step 6: The sixth and last step involves ensuring that the spring hook is aligned to the next hole to adjust the tension. Spring’s tension must be adjusted by pulling the cable in case of roll-up doors.

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Garage door services is crucial in terms of securing your cars and personal household items; however, not everyone is particular and passionate about taking care of their garage door due to either lack of interest or lack of time; however, engaging a professional services company for servicing your garage door once in six months is essential for a long life of your garage door. Remember, servicing your garage door ensures safety for you and your family.

Garage Door Openers Replacement Tips and Advice

Garage door openers replacement is pretty essential. An automated garage door opener that is operated with a click of a single button increases convenience for securing your basic household goods. You can raise or lower your garage door shutters with a soft press of a button on your door opener; there are several options available in the market to choose your garage door opener with the features that best benefits you.

Types of garage door opener

There are four types of garage door openers: belt-driven, chain-driven, jackshaft, and screw-driven.

Belt and screw-driven garage door opener are smooth that doesn’t make much noise; chain-driven garage door openers are noisy but are reasonable in terms of price and can lift heavier garage doors. In contrast, the jackshaft openers are innovative; they are mounted on the wall instead of the ceilings and don’t make noise, though they are expensive compared to other types of garage door openers.

Critical features in an ideal garage door opener

Power Requirements

One of the critical features of a garage door opener is the electric power that operates the garage door; a single door garage requires a small motor with no glitch, whereas a double door garage requires a heavy horsepower electric motor to operate oversized and bulky doors. The speed at which the doors open and closes is also essential to consider; hence the power capacity to the garage door is a feature to consider on priority.

Safety and Security Features

Safety is most important while garage doors are considered; they are based on an automated system controlled by a light beam; the garage doors stop proactively if any object comes beneath its path, considering children and pets around the garage area. Safety and security is the most crucial feature that must be considered while replacing a garage door opener. 


The garage door opener comes with in-built LED lights; they are featured for safety and are lit sufficiently until you enter your house after parking your vehicle. Some models of garage door openers are remotely controlled.

Remote Controls and Keypads

Garage door openers are controlled with a single button to open and close the garage door; in the latest technology garage door openers use your fingerprints to function; this latest technology is safest amongst other garage door openers.


If there is a power outage, and you need to park or take your car out from your garage, power backup is a must. There are selected models which allow you to back up the power in case of emergency.

Noise Control

If noise distracts you, then you might move away from a garage door model that operates on-chain and instead consider a garage door model that works on screwdriver or belt drives that produce absolutely no noise.

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There are plenty of options available in the market for garage door openers replacement. However, safety and security should be the topmost priority while choosing a garage door opener for your home. With an increasing demand for technology, garage door manufacturers are launching enhanced versions of their garage door equipment and accessories. Keeping updated with the latest technologies in this field can help you keep your garage door functioning in good condition for its long life.

The Importance of Garage Door Spring Repair and Maintenance

Is your garage door opener troubling you? Is your garage door opener is unproductive than before? Are you experiencing a decline in efficiency and occasional sticking of the garage door? Are the mechanical parts of your garage door opener working like before?

These are several questions that you must ask yourself before approaching a nearby garage door opener repair teamfor help, and there are highly trained professionals out there to help you with your needs. They will help you select the necessary parts to repair the garage door opener and will help you save money while they assist you. The lifetime of a garage door openers spring is around 6-7 years; after this period, the garage door openers spring must be replaced.

The main reason behind the failure of the garage door opener is the misalignment of either the door or track. Companies these days provide garage door opener repairing services as they have a team of experts involved in improving garage door openers. To check whether your garage door opener repair is fine; open the door halfway manually and leave your hands off from it; if the door stays on the midway, consider your garage door opener is fine. Garage door openers that can be installed easily by you can also be repaired easily; however, it is advisable to consult a professional.

Types of garage door opener

There are four types of garage door openers: belt-driven, chain-driven, jackshaft, and screw-driven.

Belt and screw-driven garage door opener are smooth that doesn’t make much noise, chain-driven garage door openers are noisy but are reasonable in terms of price and can lift heavier garage doors. In contrast, the jackshaft openers are innovative; they are mounted on the wall instead of the ceilings and don’t make noise, though they are expensive compared to other types of garage door openers.

Common problems related to garage door opener that you might encounter:

The door doesn’t open

If you are using an automatic garage door operator with a remote controller; check whether the remote control battery provides a signal to operate the garage door; check if the battery and track are rusted? In case the battery or track is rusted, consider lubricating them; still, if the garage door opener doesn’t function, consider buying a new one. 

The door doesn’t close

If the door doesn’t close, there might be an obstruction to the light beam sensor; in such cases, an integrated light beam sensor is used to disable any obstacles and allow the door to open.

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Regular checks on the battery and align the garage door opener repair, and the track is the main reason behind the malfunction of the garage door opener. You must get your garage door inspected once in a quarter for your safety. There are several types of garage door openers available in the market; everybody likes choices, but a professional garage door dealer will be able to guide you for the best garage door opener based on the size of your property where the garage door is to be installed.

Garage Door Spring Repair – Why You Should Call A Professional Garage Door Technician

Spring is an essential part responsible for the smooth functioning of a garage door; it is necessary to adjust the spring correctly; an increase or decrease in the spring tension can cause accidents, or the garage door may not open or close as it should perform in normal circumstances.

The process of replacing the garage door spring is highly complicated and requires a professional to do the replacement; it is advised that spring replacement should not be performed without the help of a garage door spring replacement professional. If the garage door looks imbalanced, there is a probability that your garage door springs are loosely mounted to the wall.

Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s guide regularly; lubricating the parts of your garage door is an essential aspect as it smoothens the machinery and gives long life to your garage door. Regular inspection of the springs is necessary to avoid their replacement.

Safety First When Repairing Or Replacing Overhead Garage Door Springs

The lifetime opening and closing capacity of a spring in your garage door is approximately 10,000; after this limit, the springs are liable to deteriorate; you will start experiencing slow functioning of your garage door, even though the springs of your garage door is of high quality; it will deteriorate with time. You must consult a professional before replacing your garage door spring.

There are two types of springs in a garage door located on both sides of the garage door for smooth functioning; they are also called torque springs and extension springs. The top of the garage door functions with a torsion spring (works by twisting its end along its axis, it is twisted, exerts a torque) that helps raise the door. The torsion springs with extreme torque are challenging to replace and align as per industry standards; these springs are susceptible and need extra care while replacing them. If the torsion spring breaks, the door will come down, crashing anyone beneath it; there have been several accidents regarding the failure of torsion springs in the past; especially with the children playing around the garage area.

On the other hand, the extension springs are responsible for smooth functioning of the garage door, they are long and coiled springs installed on both right and left sides of the garage door, they are unlike torsion springs in terms of risk; however, at times they can also be dangerous while replacing them as they require complete dedication during the process of replacement and alignment.

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It is essential to hire an expert for Garage door spring replacement. As Do-It-Yourself job, it may hurt you; if you do not follow the manufacturer’s guidelines provided to you by the dealer in the form of a booklet. Springs are the most expensive as well as the most crucial part in your garage door. Springs are the backbone of the entire garage door system; if the springs are incorrectly installed, they can result in considerable losses in terms of time and safety risk to you and family members.

Garage Door Installation – Few Important Guidelines to Remember

Garage door installation is not a tough job to perform; it can be installed in under 5 hours by diligently following the manufacturer’s guidelines to install a garage door. There are several essential parts in a garage door: cables, handles, door panels, bolts, screws, springs, hinges, struts, rollers, metal track, and various others. It is much easier to install a smaller garage door compared to more oversized garage doors that need a professional to install your garage door.

If you already have an old garage door and are considering replacing or installing a new one, you must consult a professional because uninstalling the older garage door is quite risky; it involves uninstalling several parts mentioned above. It is hazardous and life-threatening.

Professional garage door installer Versus Do-It-Yourself

There are several types of garage doors available in the market, for example, wood, metal, aluminum, single or double door, with or without windows. While installing a garage door, there is one crucial factor to consider; the garage door’s insulation value and energy efficiency; the insulation value is called the R-Value; the higher the R-Value of the garage door indicates more excellent insulation and energy efficiency. This is important during harsh climates as it protects the vehicles and valuable household goods from excessive heat during summers and cold winters. For such expertise, it is highly recommended that you get professional help while installing your garage door.

Types of garage doors

Roller: They are ideal for a small driveway; they usually come with aluminum strips operated by remote control with an automatic locking system.

Up and over: This type of garage door is suitable in spacious garages as the mechanism involves outwards swing and then up and parallel to the ceiling of the garage.

Sectional: The sectional type works similarly to the Up and over type; the only difference is that it doesn’t need a swing to open.

Swing Hung: The Swing Hung type of garage door operates as a standard door; however, this type of door requires vast space for opening.

Following are standard critical tips in installing a garage door

• The level and the bottoms of the tracks in the garage door should be parallel and should be in level; this is a crucial step while installing a garage door.

• Ensure the use of quality standard parts provided by the manufacturer; the bottom brackets must be securely fastened on the door. Do not over tighten any part of the garage door as it may lead to improper functioning in the long run.

• Ensure the overhead track is perfectly aligned; alignment is necessary so that the track doesn’t fall; there are incidences in which the garage door fell from the track and resulted in damage to properties and hurt people around the garage door.

• It is essential to read the installation guide thoroughly before proceeding with garage door installation; close attention must be paid while adjusting the spring, which is the core part of the garage door installation.

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It is highly recommended that you get your garage door installed by a professional. If the garage door is not installed as per standards, it can create an accidental situation; the hinges and springs must be aligned as per specified standards to avoid any hazardous situation. Educate every member of your family, especially kids, about the safety measures around your garage door.

Garage Door Maintenance – Some Major Tips To Remember

Maintaining a garage door is very important for anyone; the first step while approaching garage door maintenance is finding out which part of the garage door is defective. Another very crucial thing is to find out if your garage door is under warranty period. If your garage door is under warranty, you just have to claim the warranty by calling your dealer. If the garage door is not under warranty, you must call a professional who will repair your garage door.

Rust is the biggest problem with garage doors due to heavy rains and moisture; steel garage doors are prone to rust, especially if you are staying in a hail-prone area. However, if your garage door is made of wood, your primary problem is getting them painted every year as organic materials like dirt, leaves, or grass get caught up in the garage door quickly.

Key garage door maintenance areas to consider


Lubrication is the most specific area of maintenance when it comes to garage doors, but many garage door owners ignore this. Every mechanical, electrical, automotive part requires lubrication for a smooth operation. Similarly, lubricating your garage door is also equally important to enjoy its long life. It is advisable that you apply a penetrating lubricant quarterly; the movable parts must be lubricated cautiously; consult a professional who had installed your garage door for the first time.

Tighten Up

Just like any other electrical device, or an automotive engine to a water pumping machine, even a garage door requires tightening-up of screws and respected parts in your garage door. The tightening process is best performed during the process of lubrication. The method of tightening-up thus can also be performed quarterly. The process of lubrication and tightening up of the parts of my bicycle reminded me of when my father used to teach me during my childhood days. The tightening-up process ensures safety around the garage.

Alignment of the tracks

There are three types of tracks Standard lift, Vertical lift, and high lift. Even aligning of the track can be done by you; the need to align the track is found during the lubrication process and tightening-up of the garage door parts. It is strongly advised to call a garage door professional while you perform the aligning process of your garage door. This is because you will get hands-on experience while you perform it for the first time. It is always better to have hands-on experience sitting beside a professional. Improper or lack of alignment of your garage door can result in a malfunction of your garage door and may later cost you more in terms of maintenance cost.

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Even though maintaining your garage door can be a (DIY) do-it-yourself activity. But consulting a professional once a year is critical to the process of garage door maintenance. Regular self-checkup of garage door parts, including tracks, battery, remote, lubrication, and the tightening-up process, is necessary for the long life of your garage door. However, an investigation by a professional once in a year is best. You can get a certified health check of your garage door. The process of professional checkup is a time to sort out all your clarifications and an opportunity to learn more from the professional; you can rest assured that your garage door will perform a safe operation throughout its lifetime.

Prevent Garage Door Replacement with Preventative Maintenance

Garage doors are considered the face of the house; one must be very careful while purchasing a garage door for themselves; it is crucial first to research the garage door available in the market. Things to consider are the cost of the garage door, quality of the material used, the durability of the material used, and the goodwill of the dealer you are purchasing from; in the end, the color must contrast with your house.

Garage doors are highly required to keep your vehicles safe and secure; installing garage doors also ensures safety to other household goods that you may own in the spare area in your garage. It could be your old couch, dining table, or the old desktop that you bought with your first salary, but you don’t want to sell in scrap to keep it safe to cherish your old memories.

Things to consider while purchasing garage doors

Garage doors can be made up of steel, wood, or aluminum. The most popular type of garage door is made of steel as they can be insulated to be more energy efficient when compared to wooden doors. Wooden doors are much more expensive than both steel and aluminum garage doors. One advantage of installing an aluminum garage door is that they are lightweight compared to steel and wooden garage doors; the light feature helps lift the garage door manually. Installing a wooden door is expensive as they need to be painted every year.

Garage doors offer energy savings; they improve the house’s look, thereby boosting the value of your home. While purchasing a new garage door, you must consider deducting the cost of materials from your old garage door; the dealer will buy back the remaining from your old garage door.

The market for garage doors is in demand as homeowners look for safety for their vehicles and valuable household goods. One must be very careful while purchasing a garage door; if you can hire an experienced person for Garage door replacement it would not be an expense, but you will consider it as an investment for the future as buying a garage door is a difficult job. The springs, opener, batteries, and fork are some essential things to consider. It can be risky if the spring breaks, it may cause injury; statistics show that there have been several injuries and deaths in-case a garage door malfunctions. So it becomes critical while you purchase a garage door.

Hiring Contractors for Garage Door Replacement

While Garage door replacement, consider lucrative deals as the demand for garage doors is rising, resulting in competition amongst garage door dealers; ask for free servicing of your garage doors every quarter.

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Consider the insulation value and energy efficiency of the garage door; the insulation value is called the R-Value; the higher the R-Value of the garage door indicates more excellent insulation and energy efficiency. These are several questions that you must ask yourself before approaching a nearby garage door replacement company. This is important during harsh climates as it protects the vehicles and valuable household goods from excessive heat during summers and cold winters.

Garage Door Repair – Problems and Fixes

Garage doors are essential to protect your vehicles in your homes, but when you find yourself in a position where you cannot take your car out to your office early in the morning, it gets embarrassing. Garage doors have two components the door itself and an opener with which you press it to open the door. For some people, repairing a garage door is a simple job, but if you are not familiar with fixing a garage door, do not attempt to repair as it may hurt you physically.

But sometimes lubricating and cleaning the garage door passages can work, which is a do-it-yourself job. One must not panic, it is advisable to try it yourself first, and if it doesn’t work, you must call a professional for garage door repair.

Let us now list down possible problems that you may face with your garage door

• The garage door doesn’t respond to the opener remote

• The garage door opener is functional. However, the door doesn’t open

• The garage door opens partially

• The garage door takes a lot of time to open with a noise

If you are facing such problems with your garage door, you need a repair to your garage door.

How do we repair a garage door?

• Firstly, the garage door repair involves testing the motor, which is the core part of a garage door; then, the next important thing is the garage door’s battery. Aligning the garage door machine is another aspect to inspect; lubricating the entire machinery in the garage door every month is another essential aspect to consider.

• You must ensure continuous power supply to your garage door opening system, check the system on which your garage door works; there are two forms of spring opening system if your garage door is a standard form. You must check if the cables and pulleys of your garage door are in proper condition, check if the springs and rollers are not broken. 

• In case your garage door has a torsion spring (works by twisting its end along its axis, it is twisted, it exerts a torque), then in this scenario, you need to call in a professional, as such garage door openers are large and mounted over the door that might be risky for you to repair.

• In emergency case you need a temporary fix, and then you must pull the red cord hanging from the opener. This will disconnect the opener, and you can open the garage door manually; however, be careful while opening the door as it might shut suddenly if the spring of the garage door is broken.

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Conclusion Repairing a garage door is a challenging job but an interesting one; it is advisable that you must be a part of garage door installation and ask questions to the installers during installation. This process will help you during any issues with your garage door and ensure that you can do it yourself during an emergency.

Know The Types Of Garage Doors Used For Commercial Purposes

When you have a garage, be it for residential purposes or commercial needs, for security, you need a strong garage door. The necessity of installing a garage door at a commercial place is very important as there are many cars and vehicles which are parked here. But while installing the one, it is necessary to check the types of doors suitable for the premises. At first, you must check the durability and safety measures of these doors. So before installing a garage door, you should keep in mind that the door will keep on working all through the day, and based on that, you need the door type. Hence depending on the use of the garage door, and the building where it is to be fixed, you need to select the model. Let’s check the types of commercial overhead garage doors available in the market.

Garage doors with sectional overhead

This is one of the most popular garage doors that are designed of panels and the panels are placed into the sections cleverly. Whether the door is open or closed, these panels are remained connected. These doors can save space too. If any problem arises, you can take expert help to overhead garage door repair.

Coiling garage doors

This type of garage door is used by different commercial houses. Coiling garage doors can offer extreme protection against flying pests and other airborne contaminants. This type of door helps to maintain the temperature inside the garage. There is a difference between the sectional doors and coiling doors. The coiling doors are rolled up into a barrel and mounted up at the top.

Garage doors for cold storage

If your commercial premise is used for cooling and storage purposes, then it is suggested to use a garage door specially made for cold storage. These doors can maintain the cool temperature inside the storage, and the products will not get damaged. These types of garage doors are widely used, as meat lockers, coolers for restaurants, etc. Depending on your requirement, you can choose a single or bi-part sliding door.

Vinyl roll-up doors

These types of doors you can see where use is frequent. These doors will save your time and money as well. You can rely on these doors as these are energy savers, faster, safe, and easy, to preserve.

Hope you got a clear idea now about the available types of the door for commercial garage. The requirement of the door for the garage varies from one person to the other. It is the reason why there are so many options in the market for the garage door. The installation techniques of different doors will also be different, and so here, you will need an expert who can get the installation done professionally. Secure For Sure is one such company which you can contact both for installation and overhead garage door repair. The experts who will visit your place can conduct the needful for the repair and installation, of the commercial overhead door at a very reasonable price.

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Types Of Door Spring Used in Garage Door

Garage door spring is one of the most essential accessories that help to balance the door properly. It keeps the garage door intact so that it does not lose its balance and stop working. Due to regular usage, these springs will decay and stop working. Hence these are required to be altered before your door stops working. Here you need to contact experts for garage door spring replacement at the earliest. Garage door spring is one thing which we prefer to ignore till the time it stops functioning, and we face a mess. But before you call professionals, you should know the different types of garage door springs that are available in the market.

Extension spring

These thin and long springs are fixed horizontally to the door’s track. When the door is moved, these springs get extended and preserve the energy.

These springs are mainly open-looped, clipped-end, and double-looped. Open-loop spring is the weakest among them all as this is based on a single open wire at the end.

Whereas, the double-looped spring is much stronger than the single-looped spring. Double-looped springs are featured with two coils at the end, and it connects the pulley and the eyebolt.

The last one is clipped-end, and this is a robust one. It lasts for a longer period and can be used frequently on a garage door that weighs more than 200 lbs.

Torsion spring

The use of a torsion spring depends on the size, weight, and strength of the door. Normally a garage door is fixed with one to four torsion springs. These are broad and are placed at the top of the metal shaft of a garage door. Torsion springs are also available in different types in the market. Torsion springs are also available in different types like; standard torsion springs, early-set torsion springs, steel rolling-door torsion springs, torque-master torsion springs. Among these, early set and standard springs are widely used, for residential garage doors. The other two have wide uses in commercial garage doors.

Whenever you feel that these springs are required to be replaced then you can buy them online or from the local markets too. But to fix them, it is always suggested to hire experts otherwise; it can be dangerous if you do it yourself without knowing the techniques to replace them.

There are many companies which can offer you this service. These companies are having experts with them for garage door spring replacement. Just give them a call, and they will visit your place to get the work done for you. When it is about your garage door, then you need to ensure that you avail services from one of the leading companies of the industries. Reputed companies give the guarantee of the work they do for your garage door repair. Secure For Sure is one of those companies in the industry, which is having a great name and fame for its quality services. To know more about this company and its services, feel free to give them a call.

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