How to Properly Measure your Garage Door before Installing it

If you are replacing a garage door, in the process of building a brand new house or garage addition to your home, you will likely be required to know and have the measurements of your garage and garage door.  Garage door measurements can be a little bit tricky to procure, because a garage door is sort of a weird shape.  Garage doors move in a way that is unique to other home appliances or structural parts of your house.  This makes them more difficult to figure out measurements for, especially if the measurements you need are for a garage door that is not yet in place.

A few key areas of the garage are what you need to focus on preparing accurate measurements for, when you are replacing or installing a new garage door. Knowing what these areas are, and how to locate them, is very helpful in the process of new garage door installation.

Step 1:

Measure the distance between the farthest left side of the opening of the garage door, and the farthest to the right side of the opening.  You are looking for the widest area of the garage door, from side to side.  Garage doors are usually framed on the inside with 2” by 6” wood.  Pay attention to inconsistencies in the wood, or damaged areas of the framework.

Step 2:

From top to bottom, find the greatest height of the garage door opening.  The distance between the top of the door and the ground is what you need to figure out, for easy garage door installation.  Again, notice inconsistencies like an unleveled floor.

Step 3:

Find the width of the wall area on either side of the opening of the garage door.  Both the areas that border the opening of the door (left side of the wall, right side of the wall) need to be at least 3.75” wide.

Step 4:

Measure areas between the highest point of the opening of the garage door and the ceiling.  Headroom requirements may differ, depending on the type of garage door you are installing.  You will need to know the existing measurements before you select your new overhead door.

Step 5:

From the front of the garage to the back, measure the distance.  Backroom requirements for sectional doors are the door height plus 18”.  With electric opener installations, backroom requirements are the height of the door plus 4’2”.


Other things to notice and plan for are the source of electricity for door openers-it is great to already be aware of where the nearest outlet is to your garage door.  Lights or stairwells or attic space that may be in existence prior to garage door installation will affect your specific requirements for type of door, measurement necessities, etc.  Make sure the floor is level, and take note of pipes or air ducts that could possibly obstruct a garage door ability to maneuver correctly.

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