Why you shouldn’t have windows on your garage door


Debate has been raging on whether to have or not to have garage door windows. It’s wise to look at the two sides of the coin in a bid to understand which side holds more weight. Read what installing windows could really mean to a garage door.

There are number of factors that suggest not to have windows on your garage door:

  • You can take a look outside without having to open the garage door with the help of garage door windows, while you can have them installed garage door but will surely compromise your privacy. It would not be appropriate for a person concerned about nosy neighbors or even theft in the area to have garage door windows. The disadvantage of garage door windows is that, depending on the size and height of your window, there may not be any privacy offered.
  • Glass is not a very good heat and sound insulator. Therefore, having garage door windows can reduce the heat insulation in your garage. Heat can be lost through the windows which means more energy is consumed to keep the garage adequately heated.
  • Cost is one drawback when considering glass for garage doors. Adding glass can tack on an extra two hundred to five hundred dollars to the total bill.
  • It is advisable for some homeowners to have windows installed on their garage door. For one, you can open them during those warm days and let in fresh air. This way, you can avoid leaving your garage door partially open for ventilation, which can damage it.
  • Home security is another issue to think about. Glass makes it easier for criminals to peak into the garage to see whether or not you are home and if there is anything of value inside.
  • Energy efficiency is usually lower whenever you introduce glass. You can certainly buy insulated glass, but it is rarely as air tight as an insulated garage door without glass.
  • Garage doors with glass also can take more time to produce, adding a few extra days to your order.
  • For repairs, glass is breakable and may require more occasional replacement of panes due to downed tree limbs or stray baseballs.

So if your garage is a big part of the curb appeal of your house, or you want a custom-coordinated look, or you use your garage part-time as a workshop, consider the beauty and light of a garage door with glass. On the other hand, if you have a tight budget or timeline, are concerned about security or heating bills, or don’t want the headache of the occasional broken pane, skip the windows in favor of a solid door for a long lasting investment.

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