Garage Door Repair and Replacement – A Must Have Checklist for You

Routine inspection is necessary to keep your garage door up and running for a long time. Only timely inspection could figure out garage door cable repair and replacement issues, spring repair troubles, opener and sensor issues that you might experience over time. With a periodic inspection of your garage door, you would stay in full control over its smooth functioning.

So if you’re planning to inspect your garage door, here is the checklist you should ponder so that you don’t miss out any crucial garage door part:

Check Garage Door Cables

Since garage door cables are an integral part of the working mechanism, they deserve a top spot on the checklist. Over time, the cables get frayed or damaged, demanding garage door cable repair and replacementfrom a professional. You need to inspect them thoroughly for any sign of wear, fray and rust to keep them in check.

Inspect Photo-Eye Sensors

Check photo-eye sensors to ensure if they are working fine. Ensure they are mounted at the right height which means no higher than 6 inches from the ground. Check out if their power source is working properly. Clean the photo-eye sensors with a damp cloth to remove dirt and debris from them that might interrupt the beam. You could even ask a garage door service specialist for help if you find out bigger issues with the photo-eye sensors.

Inspect Garage Door Springs

A typical garage door either has torsion springs or extension springs that you need to inspect on a periodical basis. You can visually inspect the springs to detect damage. Another way around, you could also close the door and note if you hear any squeaking sound. Lubricate them to see if the annoying sound stops. But if squeaking still persists, you need to get it inspected from a garage door spring repair specialist to sort out this problem.

Inspect the Pulleys’ Condition

Pulleys are the moving parts of your garage door system. You need to inspect them to detect wear and tear before they take a toll on your garage door functions. But you need to be very careful while examining the pulleys as they are under extreme tension. Just visual inspection is advisable. For more precise checking, you need a professional’s assistance.


A garage door has several sophisticated parts that need to be inspected without delay. Timely inspection is a better way to stop escalating the garage door functioning issues. Whether it’s about garage door cable repair and replacement, pulleys repair, spring issues, troubles with garage door openers or anything else, the situation has to be addressed efficiently to safeguard your home from severe accidents. Inspection of the garage door lets you make that conscious effort to upkeep it in smooth functioning conditions. Keep the checklist mentioned here to ensure the better working of your garage door. Don’t forget to ask for a garage door specialist for help whenever you figure out any issue with your garage door.

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