What Are The Mistakes You Encounter During Garage Door Installation?

For most people, it takes a little longer to do a garage door installation by them because it is not something you do every day. Following a few simple guidelines will eventually save you some time during the process and with preventive support from an expert from Secure for sure you can lessen the odds of you spending out cash for exorbitant fixes.

Do not install alone

Due to the complexity and potential safety hazards during the installation of the door, we never recommend that anyone other than trained professionals attempt garage door installation.

Installing a new garage door for do-it-yourself-ers is moderately difficult, but it certainly can be done. Springs can be dangerous to handle, so never do it alone! Ask for help from experts from Secure for sure when trying this task as there is a possibility of an accident with Springs! You will want to avoid some common mistakes when doing a garage door installation.

Using Nails to Replace Log Screws

It is not advisable to use nails in place of log screws in framing. Some of the reasons for this are:

When the garage door opens and closes, it puts more force on the nails and pulls the nails out of the frame. The weight of the door requires an additional support of the log screws

Leaving the steel stepper

A steel stiffener must be installed above the garage door. It has been omitted too many times because it causes problems:

This reinforces the top panel of the garage door, causing the panel to crack if left open without the repeated jerking from the motor.

Installing Door Opener Off-Center

When installing a garage door opener, care must be taken to install the motor and lift assembly in the exact center of the door. Failure to do so will result in the door being locked. It is common for people to try to install it in the center because of obstacles. Move the barrier without making the installation off-center.

While this may seem like a simple process to remember and get on to the process of the installation of the door, it must be remembered that this could become extremely dangerous if not performed by a professional. A lot of precision, how-to’s and a lot of preparedness needs to go into this process. Installing a garage door all by you could even turn deadly if the installer does not have the proper training and the required experience to do the job.

Every garage has its own uniqueness and particular complications. A professional from Secure for Sure allows the process of installation to go very smoothly because they understand how to handle such challenges, and also expect them before they arise.

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Also when it comes to choosing the best garage door for your garage, Secure for sure offers a number of suggestions regarding garage door installation, security, maintenance, convenience, and selection, while promoting safety at priority. We have hundreds of garage doors designs, colors, and options available to fit any budget.

Right Time To Get Your Garage Door Repaired

Does your garage door work smoothly, efficiently and reliably as it used to? Many homeowners use their garage doors to easily access and enter it on a daily basis. But with consistent use, there will be a requirement for garage door repair due to wear and tear of the garage door – to prevent uncomfortable and dangerous garage door breakage it is required to ensure you get your garage door repair from a reliable source.

The door panel of the outer section garage door is made of high strength, high-rigidity and corrosion resistant materials since it is the first step of security to your garage and it is an important part. Hence it is required to know when to get your garage door repaired.

Do you need garage door repairs? If you have a garage door, notice for the following signs:

(1) Noisy door operations

Garage doors usually make noise when working, so how can you tell what noises from your door are unusual? Listen for unpleasant noises of your garage door such as filtering, scraping, rubbing or grinding. These are the signs for the requirement of garage door repair.

(2) Door does not open manually

It is important to notice if you can open your garage door manually during door failure or power outage. You may have problems with your garage door, your spring system etc. Springs of the garage door are responsible for balancing the weight of your door and ensuring a smooth opening and closing.

(3) Slow Door Response

Your garage door should respond without delay in a few seconds. If your door hesitates to raise and lower when indicated, it may indicate that your remote battery is dead, that your remote is not working, or that the opener is damaged.

(4) Sogging or off-balance garage door

Check if there are gaps under the door or if it is visibly sagging. Garage doors which indicate improper fitting, improperly installed door or uneven spring wear will require a repair. These losses can lead to minor problems such as damaged hardware or serious and unexpected unforeseen breakdowns. One way to check the condition of your door is to do a balance test: Open your door from the opener and lift the door halfway up its track. If the door cheeks open or close, the door is off balance.

(5) Dent or damaged door panels

Damaged garage doors are not only unattractive, but also affect the overall quality and functionality of your system. Dent garage door panels can affect the alignment and overall door balance of your door, putting pressure on other components and hardware and damaging the track, eventually causing the door to be off-track.

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“Secure For Sure” are experts and professionals who can help in your garage door repair. They have the tools and experience to test all the critical aspects of your garage door, including balance and force. Experts can easily fix any damaged or worn components and protect the garage door so that one can stay rest assured that your garage door will provide reliable and safe operation all year-long.

Garage Door Services Available for Garage Doors

A garage door only works perfectly when all the components – mechanical and electrical – work together. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your garage door in good working shape.

The garage door services include:

Welding, repair and reinforcement of garage door hinges

Garage door maintenance

Full or partial reinforcement of sash elements

Garage door opener repair services

Garage door off track repair

Garage door cable repair and replacement

Reinforcement and protection of garage locks

Increasing or decreasing the door opening

Strengthening or rebuilding frames

Garage door extension spring replacement

Garage door replacement

Garage door installation

Garage door spring replacement

If you need any garage door services you can contact Secure for sure who provides garage door services with high quality, at a reasonable cost. Significant experience and high qualifications of our specialists are a guarantee of the high quality of the work performed!

These days one cannot afford a faulty and defective door, hence one must have access to the best garage door services such as Secure for sure, since they have the below qualities.

1. KNOW-HOW OF THE INDUSTRY: They are well versed with everything to do with garage doors. Their technicians have the best skill set, knowledge. Their professions have valid certifications. This way, you can be rest assured that the professional repairing or replacing your door knows everything about your garage door.

2: Reviews: They have great reviews from customers. You can read our reviews on Google, Angie’s List, Groupon, HomeAdvisor, Yelp and across the internet for a clear indication of our quality work. Good reviews indicate that the company cares about its customer satisfaction. You can also check the feedback of your neighbors and friends who have used our services.

3 RELIABILITY: They have been in the industry for over a decade and they are certified as the best garage door company by Home Advisor since 2004 which brings more credibility and trust by their side.

4. ONE-STOP DESTINATION: It is also a one-stop destination for all the services related to garage doors. There will be no need to look for other services from another service provider once the job is done. This place takes care of all services such as repair, replacement, or maintenance. It is not required to look at a different place for repair, replacement, or maintenance of any sort.

5 EQUIPMENT: They have standard equipment for all the garage door services. They use high-quality materials and tools to ensure that the products of the garage door are properly installed. Poor quality equipment can lead to damage and injury, hence they are very particular to use high quality maintenance products.

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Secure for sure works with the top manufacturers of the region like, Allstarc, Amarr, Chamberlain, Craftsman, Hormann, etc., and have hundreds of garage door designs, colours, and options to fit any budget. For making the garage door services affordable to their customers, they have exciting vouchers that surely can’t be missed out! You can avail any of their packages according to your needs and budget. When you need garage door services in Pennsylvania, South Jersey, North Jersey and Delaware you can surely contact Secure for Sure.

Knowing The Right Time To Get A Garage Door Replacement

A garage door may look very straight-forward, however it has a serious complex framework, when opting for a garage door replacement is it best to get it done from Secure for sure professionals.

Having installed a modern garage door, you can enjoy their reliable operation for a long time. But you must remember that even the highest quality mechanisms can malfunction sooner or later or the parts could break. We at Secure for sure have the experience of working with garage doors for over a decade and we are aware of the typical breakdowns and damages that are most common of a garage door. Based on them, we have compiled a small directory of problems which you can often cope with on your own.

Third-party noises during operation: knocking, creaking, etc. As a rule, the cause of such problems is clogging or wear of the moving parts of the mechanism (hinges, rollers, etc.) of the garage door. The other problem could be that they become clogged, deformed, etc. For this it is recommended to clean and lubricate all moving parts.

The blade is running tight or is jammed: This problem could arise due to a variety of reasons. The most obvious is the deformation of the guides or the blade itself. However, there are other problems which could be over-tensioning torsion springs that need to be adjusted. Also, the other causes may be rollers or hinges, which will need to be replaced.

Broken cable or spring: This is one of the saddest things to happen. It happens with heavy doors where large curtains or heavy materials such as steel sandwich panels are used. It possibly could happen when someone has overdone the manual opening of the gate or the electric drive has malfunctioned. Usually in such cases the cable or spring has to be changed.

Breakage of the shaft, gearbox etc:  We will have to replace, there are no options.

If replacing the dented, worn out and dangerous garage door is at the top of your to-do list, you are in for a treat! Secure for sure professionals offer the best garage door replacement services. They help you to select through the models that are more beautiful, affordable than ever and the ones that do the job. The right garage door will enhance your home’s curb appeal.

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There are many reasons why owners choose to replace their garage doors. In some instances, the door might have been damaged by external factors, years of use, or acts of nature. In other cases, the owner may simply wish to change the aesthetic of their garage in order to give their home a different appearance and to create a more appealing look or the homeowner might be looking to update their door to a new one. Whatever may be the reason for wanting to replace a garage door, choosing the right place to handle the job is very important. Secure for sure, will be responsible for a major undertaking, and you can be sure that they are both qualified and equipped to handle the job.

Importance Of Professional Garage Door Opener Replacement

Garage door openers are motor powered devices which open and shut the garage doors. Some of the doors can easily be operated manually by switches which are installed inside the garage and others can be operated by remote controls from inside your car. The remote control can also automatically trigger the garage door opener so that the door opens as your car draws into the driveway or you could even press the button of the remote to open the door. All the garage door openers function on a specific driving system with the mechanism through which they are operated.

A good garage door opener is also very important in protecting the contents in your garage. Having a good garage door opener replacement for your garage door which could lock down properly will ensure that your door does not get lifted by a gust of wind. The best garage doors on the market are clearly designed to integrate with your home and business security systems.

How do you know what is the right time to replace your garage door opener?

Some of the reasons for Garage door opener replacement could be that you have used the same opener for ten years or so. You might be constantly calling for garage door opener repair services or some thieves might have cracked your code and broken into your garage.  Whatever the reason may be, it is definitely time for a new and modern opener. Secure for sure has you covered.

Clopay and LiftMaster are just two of the garage door opener brands we install and service.

LiftMaster is the name highlighted by experts when it comes to reliable, high-quality garage door openers. In addition to the high-quality Clopay and LiftMaster doors and other great products that we offer for homeowners in Pennsylvania, South Jersey, North Jersey and Delaware regions, we are proud to offer a complete line of LiftMaster garage door openers to our customers.


There are times when your garage door will not respond when you press the remote button, but you can still open and close the garage door manually, in such cases your garage door opener might be the main culprit. Our highly experienced technicians and experts have complete knowledge about just everything when it comes to the garage door openers. This means we can get your opener back on track quickly and at a very reasonable cost. But if your opener is beyond repair, we are sure to help you find a great new opener to meet all your needs. At Secure for sure, we offer professional garage door opener replacement services for openers from LiftMaster and Clopay which are best in the industry.

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To ensure your family’s safety and security it is advised to have the garage door opener replaced by a professional and make sure you get it tested a couple of times. Faulty installation can lead to dangerous accidents which could harm your family and cost you adversely on a long run.

Garage Door Maintenance: The Best Place To Get It Done

If you have a car, sooner or later you will need a garage for it. It reliably protects your car from adverse weather conditions and also from theft. In addition to other tools in the garage you may require some tools for minor repairs and garage door maintenance. Garage doors provide the necessary protection against theft hence it is important to timely get a garage door maintenance service from a professional in this field such as Secure for Sure, garage door services.

In addition to protective measures, the doors provide insulation of the garage and give the entire structure an aesthetic appearance.

You have many options for garage doors such as automatic, swinging, and various other types of  garage doors that are very convenient to use.

The garage is believed to be a sanctuary that keeps your property and cars safe. The following are the important features Secure for sure professionals have to get a good garage door maintenance service.


Garage door service experts from Secure for Sure are highly skilled in their field. They are experts so they can accurately diagnose the problem and also must have the experience you are looking for to prove its claim.


They will be in a position to devote time to your problems. Your garage door can break at any time so you may need an emergency service. This company is always available in meeting and serving the needs of their customers. Their service is always available round the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


They have standard equipment for garage door maintenance. They use high-quality materials and tools to ensure that the products of the garage door are properly installed. Poor quality equipment can lead to damage and injury, hence they are very particular to use high quality maintenance products.


They provide transparent services. They never keep their customers in the dark. There are no hidden surprises or fees. You can start the project immediately and it will be completed. The actual service and price to be provided is pre-determined and make sure you understand what you are entering. If problems arise while the project is in progress, the company will inform you immediately. In such a case, there may be additional charges for repair or replacement.

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They have great reviews from customers. You can read our reviews on Google, Angie’s List, Groupon, HomeAdvisor, Yelp and across the internet for a clear indication of our quality work. Good reviews indicate that the company cares about its customer satisfaction. You can also check the feedback of your neighbors and friends who have used our services.

The above are just some of the features we have mentioned about our services and professionals. When your garage door has a problem or you need garage door maintenance service at your place, let Secure for Sure do the job. With more than 15 years of experience, our technicians can easily figure out the problem and help with your garage door maintenance.

Features Of The Best Garage Door Openers

While functionality varies considerably from model to model, there are a few general factors to think about if you are looking for garage door openers.

If you have a problem with any of the below functionality it is suggested to get garage door opener repair from Secure for Sure.

Auto-reverse:  Safety is a critical feature of garage door openers. All the best devices are equipped with automatic reversing, so the direction of the door changes in the event of a collision with an unexpected obstacle. Although it hit the market in 1982, it was signed into federal law by 1993, so all compatible door openers reduce the risk in this way. If you have an old garage door opener from 1982 or earlier, it’s worth checking out to make sure you and your family are not in danger.

Manual door opening:  While manually opening a door may seem contrary to the principles of door automation, it is a vital component. Smart garage door access is cool, but what about when there is a power outage? You might want to get into your garage anyway, and manually opening the door allows you to get in even when there is no electricity.

Spare battery: We’ve seen the pros of manually opening the door, but what about a backup battery in the event of a power outage? While you will only be able to use this reserve in limited quantities, it is worth having on hand and is invaluable if you are suffering from prolonged power loss.

Safety lights: As a rule, smart garage door openers are equipped with integrated signal lights. Plus, depending on the approach you choose, you can use the bottle opener in conjunction with a range of other smart home appliances and modules to improve functionality and make your life safer and easier. With motion sensors added to the mix, you can fully secure your garage door for less money than you might imagine.

Other garage door solutions: Perhaps the idea of automating access to your garage is not for you. This is the beauty of smart homes, there is no prescribed solution, just what suits your needs best. If you don’t like the smart garage door opener, you might want to consider a keyless entry system or a simple monitoring kit.

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“Secure For Sure” is experts and professionals in the field who can help in your garage door opener repair. They have the tools and experience to test all the critical aspects of your garage door opener. Experts can easily fix any damaged or worn components and protect the garage door and they also suggest professional service once before extreme weather conditions. Experts recommend having professional service at least once each year so that one can stay rest assured that your garage door will provide reliable and safe operation all year-long.  Our highly experienced technicians and experts have complete knowledge about just everything when it comes to the garage door openers. This means we can get your opener back on track quickly and at a very reasonable cost.

Benefits of Professional Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement

Garage doors are a heavy thing to have to lift manually. Having springs to aid in opening and closing can make it so much easier on you. The way they work is that they use a counter balance which keeps them somewhere in the between of fully extended and fully contracted. When you open the garage door the springs are slightly extended and the door opening helps the springs to contract naturally which in turn helps open the door easily. The same holds true when you close it.

Are you finding it tough to roll up your garage or are you not able to open your horizontal garage gates smoothly or automatically? In such cases it is better to check whether it is still working properly. If your garage door snaps and gets jammed when it is rolling, one of the possible problems that might have caused the inability to close the door is the garage door spring’s performance. The resolution to get out of the problem is to get a garage door spring replacement.

A garage door spring replacement could help you to get better door responsiveness. The springs have their own capacities and life cycles and these points are helpful in keeping track of your garage door springs. If the garage door springs have come to their end, indicating that they have exceeded the number of times that they could lift and close the door, then it would probably cause less efficiency when it comes to operating the door.

While any average person may have the skill to replace the garage door, it can be a frustrating procedure due to the reinforcement that may be required by the header of the garage opening. And sometimes a malfunctioning garage door is more than just an annoyance; it can also be downright unsafe.  Many untowardly incidences have been reported concerning accidents as a result of repairs done by unskilled workers. There are even reported deaths, making garage door spring replacement to be highly recommended for skilled personnel only in order to prevent such incidents. If your garage door isn’t working as required due to the problem in the springs, then is the time to consult a professional to get help with the garage door spring replacement. Secure for sure are experts in garage door spring replacement and installations. You can contact them for hassle free services on door springs. The best thing to do, especially if you are not experienced at this type of repair is to call a professional. They are specially trained and have the required equipment needed to change the springs or repair them.

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It is also advised to invest in sturdy and high quality metal springs which last a lot longer. If you run into problems or you need any help, do not hesitate to call a professional from Secure for sure for help. They can help save you a lot of trouble and also prevent any safety issues that may arise.

Things Everyone Should Know Before Replacing The Garage Door Spring

The most important things while getting your garage door in shape are safety and caution. We tend to forget about garage door springs until and unless you face a problem opening the garage with a door or that’s broken. There are only a couple of methods to solve this problem either you call a professional to fix it or try to replace the garage door spring by yourself.

Though you can solve this problem by DIYING, which will save you some money, it will be effective only if you properly fix it. Otherwise, calling a pro will be a better option. It will protect you from hazards as well! Now it is your decision whether you want to call a professional or head to a hardware store. Before that, get to read this blog to know about various types of garage door spring replacement. As a newbie, crosscheck the kind of spring you will require before replacing the garage door spring.

Extension Springs – when a door is moved, these springs save energy by stretching. These springs are long, skinny in shape, which run parallel to the door. They can be of various types such as open-looped, double-looped, clipped -end.

Open looped extension spring – these are weak springs and depend on the open wire.

Double-looped extension springs – Double-looped extension springs are strong springs that feature two coils at the end of the spring, which joins it to the pulley and eyebolt.

Clipped end extension spring – these are robust springs that last for a long time and utilize garage doors that weigh more than 200 lbs.

Torsion spring – based on the door’s size, weight, and strength, a garage door needs one to four torsion springs. You can find these springs on a metal shaft above the door openings. First, torsion springs are broad in shape. Then it would be best if you placed aluminum drums on either end of the metal shaft. After that, springs are fixed around specific torsion according to the assembly. Torsion spring can be of standard, early-set, steel-rolling door or torque master- springs.

Standard torsion springs – on the residential garage door, we can find standard torsion springs, and you will need only one spring for the efficiency of lighter doors.

Early set torsion springs – these springs’ properties are similar to standard torsion springs, except if you find it fixed on the middle of the torsion shaft.

Steel rolling door torsion springs – these springs are generally found in commercial and industrial buildings. The torsion barrel contains steel rolling door torsion springs.

Torque master torsion springs – torque shaft contains torque master torsion springs. These springs are fixed in place with the help of a winding cone placed at the end of each torsion rod.

So any extension springs will be applicable for residential replacements. You can even use standard or early set torsion springs. In commercial and industrial uses, steel rolling door and torque master spring as they use heavy garage doors.

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In a nutshell, keep in mind the above-discussed things before you hire a professional to replacethe garage door spring. The important benefits of choosing a professional like Secure for Sure garage door services at securegarages.com are:

1. They are available for 24×7 round the clock

2. They provide reasonable and good quality services.

3. They repair and replace at incredible prices. 4. Availability of proper tools and well-trained experts.

Replacing Your Garage Door Opener is it Worth or Not?

The door is an important part of our house or area from where one can access and exit. It is the strongest portion of the house which prevents theft and from the entrance of unwanted intruders inside our private place. Though both the doors have a similar motive to stop unwanted people from entering, the garage door opener is more hard and rigid than the house door. In addition, the garage door opener is made of iron sheets, aluminum, or any hard metal rust-free, low maintenance, and difficult to break in.

Purpose of the Garage door:

The garage is not only a place to keep our vehicles or dump the unwanted stuff from our house. But it is directly connected to enter inside our home from the non-visible side of the people. So the material used to manufacture doors is hard and heavy. People spend a huge amount of money on building a garage door where their vehicles are safe. With the growth in the technology, we can see that there is an automatic garage door opener where the doors are equipped with security alarms and automatic censors, whoever tries to enter or tries to break the door with the help of an alarm, the bell starts to ring. The automatic sensors connected to the door will send the information to the owner and the nearest police station.

This one large metal panel is usually open overhead. The garage door can open manually, or in many places, we see an electric motor that automatically lifts and close the door. Earlier, there used to be monolithic panels that would swing to open up, but the disadvantage of this panel was that while opening the door, the vehicles need to be parked few feet away; otherwise, with the heavy door, a high chance vehicles was getting damaged.

Safety with the Garage door – Garage door opener replacement:

Garage doors are straightforward to use, and they are cost-effective. Once installed, you do not have to be worried for years to come. Apart from timely check for the springs of the Garage door opener replacement or the electric motor needs to be serviced regularly. Once these doors are damaged, it can cause a massive loss to the property and owner; due to the heavy material characteristics, it is difficult to uninstall and transport the service. But the Garage door is one of the best securities anybody can have installed in their home for protecting their valued things.

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To Wrap Up

There are so many companies that provide various services. But it is so good to have one such company that takes care of everything right from installing a garage door, maintenance, repair, and replacing it. One such company is Secure for Sure; a one-stop solution with years of an experienced team filled with knowledge and skill. They are specialized in Garage door opener replacement, which is one of the most challenging tasks in the modern-day electric garage door with ease with their highly skilled team of technicians, and we can be stress-free.