Reasons Your Garage Door Might Get Stuck!

Are you struggling to open your garage door? Is it stuck but you can’t figure out the reason? Relax! Every homeowner faces this issue one time or another. Let us try to understand why garage doors get stuck. While some problems can be fixed by you, others require professionals to be called in.

Lodged garage door track

Your jammed garage door can be caused by something as simple as an obstruction in the track. Check to see if anything (a shovel, broom, etc) fell and is now stuck in the track that is causing it to be lodged. This can be a quick fix by identifying the object and simply removing it.

Is your garage door locked?

You might be surprised at how often this is the root of the problem. Some garage doors have a “full lock” system which enables you, or anybody, to lock your garage door from the outside by only turning the handle. This could mean that anyone in your driveway (children, bystanders) could have turned your handle and mistakenly locked the garage door without you being aware.

Is your garage door off track?

Check to see if your garage door rollers are literally off track or not! If your garage door panels are not damaged, there is no need to replace the door. However, the rollers do need to be put back on the track which should be done by a professional. Remember this isn’t a DIY task, so don’t try to attempt it, or you might end up causing more damage and having to pay exorbitant costs later on.

Garage door springs might be broken

Springs of these doors can break and cause issues. There are two different types of springs. If your garage door springs are located horizontally at the top of your garage door then it is called a torsion spring. You should check for a gap in between the springs to indicate if they are broken. If your springs are located at either side of your garage door, they are called extension springs. Look to see if a piece of them is hanging on the side of your garage door to indicate if those are broken. If your garage door springs are broken then replacing them is a dangerous process if you have never done it before so you should seek a professional to repair or replace them.

Even if you haven’t faced such situations, it is good to be prepared, so keep these points in mind!

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