Why Install Automatic Garage Door Openers?

Whether you are building a new garage in your home or replacing old garage doors with new ones, the ultimate decision is if you should opt for an automatic garage door opener or a manual one. However, the former is always the first preference of homeowners uses advanced technology and is much easier to operate.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose automatic garage door openers over manually operated ones – take a look:

More Safety

When you install automatic garage door opener, you won’t have to worry about any kind of threats such as the garage door crashing down on somebody or falling on something in any manner, or fingers getting stuck anywhere, which could occur with a manual garage door opener if proper care is not taken. Installing an automatic garage door is advisable for people with medical conditions like arthritis.

Excellent Security

Needless to say, garage door security is indispensable for homeowners. As mentioned, automatic garage doors, make use of cutting-edge technology so if you are looking for better safety and hybrid features, they are a wiser choice than manual garage openers. Nowadays, these door openers improve the operation of any garage door by adding security devices like key ring type remote controls, security pin-code access pads, long-range antennas and more. Other features include Smartphone App controls, installing an alarm system that alerts you if the door is accidentally left open, programming the door to close immediately after you leave, and so on. If the garage area is properly secured, intruders are much less likely to enter your home or even be tempted to do so. Thanks to the automatic garage door opener, your home and family is protected at all times.


One of the biggest benefits of installing an automatic garage opener is the comfort and ease of using it. Without stepping out of your car, you can easily open your garage door with just a press of a button. So if you arrive or have to leave home during bad weather such as heavy rain, you can enter your home in a hassle-free manner. But when it comes to manual door openers, you have to literally “brave the storm” by stepping out of the car to open the door. It is inconvenient and not a feasible option.

Always get automatic garage doors installed by a professional who has prior experience in doing so!

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