Signs to Indicate Your Garage Door Needs Repair!

No matter how well you maintain garage doors, they are bound to cause problems so you have to repair or replace them eventually. What you can do is watch out for the signs – if you happen to notice something is wrong, don’t neglect the issue!

Here are some indications to watch out for:

Door doesn’t open or close

If your garage door refuses to open or close using the control buttons, it surely needs to be repaired. It could be a bad connection between the door and control panel, or the door itself could be malfunctioning. To test your garage door again, you should also ensure that nothing is blocking it from closing.

Sagging sections

Don’t forget to check and test the balance of your garage door at least once a month. This involves disconnecting the opener from the door and manually operating it. When you bring the door at about midway and leave it there, it must not continue to rise or fall. If that happens, the tension spring or other parts aren’t working properly.

Slow response time

A garage door must begin to open or close within a second or two after you press the opener. It should then complete the action without a hitch – if there is a delay in the operation, there might be something with your door or with the opener.

Door makes excessive noise

Most old garage doors make a lot of noise when operated; but if the creaking or straining is excessive, there could be a problem with your spring, opener bracker, or the opener itself.

Door is off the tracks

Remember that the door has to be operated within the tracks that are placed on either side of the door, but there are times when it comes off the tracks. This is a common occurrence when the door has been damaged or deteriorating. It often requires replacements of key parts.

More energy bills

Tired of rising energy costs? Wish to improve energy efficiency of your home? You should consider changing your old door for a new one as they are designed to be more energy efficient. Thus you save quite a lot in the long run.

Repair issues are best dealt with by professionals who have prior experience in this field, so don’t try to tackle garage door problems on your own. Call a garage door technician to take care of the issue and fix it accordingly!

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