Why Get Insulated Garage Doors?

One of the latest trends is to choose a garage door that is energy efficient – the insulation reduces heat loss to a great extent. Moreover, these doors are available in several styles in terms of design, size, or material.

Benefits of garage door insulation – take a look:

Saves energy

Insulation, energy efficient windows, and better heating systems can reduce your energy use. Even though garages aren’t part of the house, there are often conditioned rooms above them or a door that connects directly to the house. More gaps and air leakage is allowed as construction standards are different here, so garages are one of the least energy efficient parts of your home. By moderating the temperature in the garage via insulation, you are reducing the amount of energy required to heat the rest of your home.

Better durability

Insulated garage doors are constructed differently from single layer garage doors, so they are more durable as they have to stand up to cars, kids, and equipment. The frame is filled with solid-core insulation, which is then sandwiched between single or dual steel panels. This style of construction creates a lightweight, energy efficient door that is less likely to dent than older, uninsulated doors. Enhanced durability increases a garage door’s lifespan in many ways too, so you don’t have to worry about repairs or replacements anytime soon.


Many garage doors tend to produce some noise. For older garage doors, the primary offender is usually the track mechanism. Loose chains on the track tend to produce a loud, jerking noise, while worn down rollers can also grumble and squeak. If you have a living space directly above or next to the garage, this noise can be a nuisance, but insulated doors dampen the vibration so they tend to make less noise.

Protects cars and belongings

A car stored in a garage with an insulated door is less likely to be in freezing conditions. Since cold weather can affect your car in a number of ways, your insulated door can have a big impact on the life of your car. That temperature difference can also prolong the life of other items stored in garages such as paint cans, fertilizers, cleaning supplies, motor oil, and so on.

Even if it costs more initially, you should invest in insulated garage doors as they have a plethora of advantages as compared to older models – they will benefit you more in the long run.

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