Three Tips for Garage Door Safety

Garages provide safety, shelter, and convenience for whatever is stored inside. Whether it’s a car, a workshop, or your primary storage area, Secure for Sure knows just how important it is to keep your property and belongings secure. You would think, like a garage door company, that our top priority is the safety and security of your belongings within the garage itself, but you would be mistaken.


Keeping Priorities Straight

Our main concern is, and always will be, the safety of you and your family. Garage doors are heavy pieces of equipment attached to machinery with multiple moving parts. The tension of the industrial-sized springs alone could cause catastrophic results if mishandled or removed without professional supervision. Garage doors are intended to be completely safe if operated correctly, but accidents do happen, which is why we keep our priorities straight, and the number one priority is you and your family’s safety.

Check out the following tips on how to prevent garage door accidents and injuries:

  1. Every month, visually inspect the garage door. Look at cables, springs, rollers, and pulleys for signs of wear. NEVER attempt to adjust, remove, or repair any of these parts or any of the components attached to them. Many of the cables, springs, and pulleys are under extreme tension — if they rebound or recoil while you are in their proximity of reach, it is very likely you could be seriously hurt. Please contact us to handle any maintenance work to your garage door.
  2. Test the reversing mechanism (all modern electric garage doors should have this function. If your opener does not, seriously consider replacing it) by placing an object at the base of the garage door’s path and initiating the door closure. The garage door should stop and reverse the very moment it makes contact with the object blocking its path. If it does not automatically reverse, the auto-reverse is malfunctioning, requiring professional servicing.
  3. Avoid leaving your garage door partially open. When it’s reactivated, it could potentially travel downward and come into contact with an object in its path. Even with auto-reverse enabled, it’s a risk you probably don’t want to take.

Preventative Safety Works

Preventative safety measures like these work. We encourage thorough inspections throughout the life of the garage door and recommend gentle and deliberate use to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

Another important precaution that’s worth mentioning ― if you have small children who frequent the garage or use the garage as an entry/exit point, that they never operate the equipment themselves. Because children’s fingers and limbs are smaller, there is a higher likelihood of them being caught or pinched in between the garage door or its operating mechanisms. An adult should always be present to mitigate this risk.

Stay Secure, For Sure!

Here at Secure for Sure, our goal is to provide you with the safest and most reliable garage doors available. For more information on our comprehensive garage door services, please contact us at (888) 691-4045 and visit our website at


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