Some Common Issues That Can Prevent Your Garage Door From Working Properly

At Secure For Sure, we have seen all types of problems when it comes to garage doors. Whether you use a garage to protect your vehicle, storage area or workspace, any issue with your garage door should be addressed as soon as possible. At Secure For Sure, we make your safety our biggest priority; that’s why we’re available 24/7 for any emergency issues when it comes to keeping your garage secure.

Over the course of our 15 years of being in business, here are some of the most common issues we see when customers call for garage door repair:

Dead Batteries

Let’s go ahead and get the most obvious issue out of the way. One of the most common reasons why a garage door stops working is because the homeowner forgets to check the batteries. There may be an issue with the transmitter in your car or the main transmitter in your home. An easy way to test to find out is by manually pressing the transmitter in your home. If that works and the transmitter in your car does not, you just have a bad batch of batteries on hand. If neither the transmitter in your car or house works, give us a call today.

Bad Alignment

Another common issue we typically see is bad alignment. Over time, the weight of a garage door can morph to part of the track it slides along. Any issues that aren’t addressed quickly and effectively have the chance to grow into bigger issues that could possibly lead to damage to you or your property.

The Photo Eye Is Out Of Line

After becoming standard on all garage doors in the mid-90s, each garage door that is installed today comes with a pair of photo eyes that display an invisible beam used to detect any disturbance, which will then stop the garage door from closing. Time and dirt can build up over time and cause the beam to be blocked. Be careful to not scratch the photo eyes when wiping the dirt and dust from them.

More information on how we can keep your house secure can be found by browsing the rest of our website. Those in need of a garage repair service can contact us today over the phone at 888-691-4045.

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