5 Typical Malfunctions That Happen to Your Garage Door

Has your garage door stopped working all of a sudden? Consider the time has come to seek garage door repair services in Pennsylvania. You might be wondering what has gone wrong with it. It’s always good to have some knowledge beforehand. The idea is to know the different types of instances that cause your garage door to stop. So when the next time your garage door gets malfunctioned, you could figure out the reason easily.

Here are a few reasons for malfunctioning of your garage door:

1. Photo-Eye Goes Out of Alignment

Have you just noticed that your garage door isn’t closing despite pressing the remote several times? It means that the photo-eye has got dysfunctional. You need immediate garage door repair services in Pennsylvania before the situation escalates. If the photo eye gets misaligned, it will block the light from the beam. You need to see a garage door expert to make it functional again.

2. Dead Transmitter Batteries

Upon pressing the remote, the garage door isn’t opening? It could be due to dead transmitter batteries. The garage door remotes are frequently used throughout the day. So chances are that batteries go low on energy without letting you know. Consider replacing the old batteries with the new ones and check if the problem has got fixed.

3. Broken Garage Door Springs

Are your garage doors not moving up all of a sudden? Everything is right with your power transmitter and motor? Then there might be a broken spring issue that you need to fix as early as possible. Usually, when a spring breaks, it causes a loud sound. If you have recently heard such loud bang from your garage door, chances are that your garage door springs have broken.

4. The Trouble with Wall Switch or Wires

Have you made several attempts but your garage door isn’t moving an inch? You need to immediately check for the issues with the wall switch. Sometimes, it gets damaged due to electrical issues, causing the garage door to stop. You have to replace the whole wall switch to address the situation. Also, check for the signs of wire damage. Due to stapling, sometimes, the wires get damaged and demand repair.

5. The Door Has Got Out of Track

Have you noticed any areas of friction during the garage door movement? If yes, then the chances are your garage door has gone out of track. Due to it, it won’t slide properly, causing the garage door to get stuck along the way. In such an instance, you should see a repair specialist that could address the situation effectively.


A malfunctioned garage door is a big blow to your daily activities. So as soon as you detect the problem with the functioning of your garage door, you should immediately seek garage door repair services in Pennsylvania PA, New Jersey NJ, Delaware DE. You won’t be able to afford it in the malfunctioned state for a long time, no matter if it is due to garage door opener issues or damaged wires.It could lead to accidents as well if you don’t act on time. So don’t take any chance.

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