Know The Types Of Garage Doors Used For Commercial Purposes

When you have a garage, be it for residential purposes or commercial needs, for security, you need a strong garage door. The necessity of installing a garage door at a commercial place is very important as there are many cars and vehicles which are parked here. But while installing the one, it is necessary to check the types of doors suitable for the premises. At first, you must check the durability and safety measures of these doors. So before installing a garage door, you should keep in mind that the door will keep on working all through the day, and based on that, you need the door type. Hence depending on the use of the garage door, and the building where it is to be fixed, you need to select the model. Let’s check the types of commercial overhead garage doors available in the market.

Garage doors with sectional overhead

This is one of the most popular garage doors that are designed of panels and the panels are placed into the sections cleverly. Whether the door is open or closed, these panels are remained connected. These doors can save space too. If any problem arises, you can take expert help to overhead garage door repair.

Coiling garage doors

This type of garage door is used by different commercial houses. Coiling garage doors can offer extreme protection against flying pests and other airborne contaminants. This type of door helps to maintain the temperature inside the garage. There is a difference between the sectional doors and coiling doors. The coiling doors are rolled up into a barrel and mounted up at the top.

Garage doors for cold storage

If your commercial premise is used for cooling and storage purposes, then it is suggested to use a garage door specially made for cold storage. These doors can maintain the cool temperature inside the storage, and the products will not get damaged. These types of garage doors are widely used, as meat lockers, coolers for restaurants, etc. Depending on your requirement, you can choose a single or bi-part sliding door.

Vinyl roll-up doors

These types of doors you can see where use is frequent. These doors will save your time and money as well. You can rely on these doors as these are energy savers, faster, safe, and easy, to preserve.

Hope you got a clear idea now about the available types of the door for commercial garage. The requirement of the door for the garage varies from one person to the other. It is the reason why there are so many options in the market for the garage door. The installation techniques of different doors will also be different, and so here, you will need an expert who can get the installation done professionally. Secure For Sure is one such company which you can contact both for installation and overhead garage door repair. The experts who will visit your place can conduct the needful for the repair and installation, of the commercial overhead door at a very reasonable price.

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Types Of Door Spring Used in Garage Door

Garage door spring is one of the most essential accessories that help to balance the door properly. It keeps the garage door intact so that it does not lose its balance and stop working. Due to regular usage, these springs will decay and stop working. Hence these are required to be altered before your door stops working. Here you need to contact experts for garage door spring replacement at the earliest. Garage door spring is one thing which we prefer to ignore till the time it stops functioning, and we face a mess. But before you call professionals, you should know the different types of garage door springs that are available in the market.

Extension spring

These thin and long springs are fixed horizontally to the door’s track. When the door is moved, these springs get extended and preserve the energy.

These springs are mainly open-looped, clipped-end, and double-looped. Open-loop spring is the weakest among them all as this is based on a single open wire at the end.

Whereas, the double-looped spring is much stronger than the single-looped spring. Double-looped springs are featured with two coils at the end, and it connects the pulley and the eyebolt.

The last one is clipped-end, and this is a robust one. It lasts for a longer period and can be used frequently on a garage door that weighs more than 200 lbs.

Torsion spring

The use of a torsion spring depends on the size, weight, and strength of the door. Normally a garage door is fixed with one to four torsion springs. These are broad and are placed at the top of the metal shaft of a garage door. Torsion springs are also available in different types in the market. Torsion springs are also available in different types like; standard torsion springs, early-set torsion springs, steel rolling-door torsion springs, torque-master torsion springs. Among these, early set and standard springs are widely used, for residential garage doors. The other two have wide uses in commercial garage doors.

Whenever you feel that these springs are required to be replaced then you can buy them online or from the local markets too. But to fix them, it is always suggested to hire experts otherwise; it can be dangerous if you do it yourself without knowing the techniques to replace them.

There are many companies which can offer you this service. These companies are having experts with them for garage door spring replacement. Just give them a call, and they will visit your place to get the work done for you. When it is about your garage door, then you need to ensure that you avail services from one of the leading companies of the industries. Reputed companies give the guarantee of the work they do for your garage door repair. Secure For Sure is one of those companies in the industry, which is having a great name and fame for its quality services. To know more about this company and its services, feel free to give them a call.

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Garage Door Openers: Few Things You Must Know

Garage doors, be it of your residence or commercial premise, opened and closed for unlimited times all through the day. This functionality of a door depends on the garage door openers. The mechanism of these openers helps in the smooth operation of the garage doors. But, due to the long usage of these openers, it can get damaged over time and need repairing. It is necessary to call an expert for adequate garage door opener replacement. Here it is necessary to know the types of garage door openers available in the market and suitable for your garage door. How the new opener will be installed for your garage door will depend largely on the type of garage opener there in your garage door.

Chain drive

To open and close the door, metal chain drive openers are widely used. It has become popular among homeowners due to its cost-effectiveness and ease of use. But it makes noise when it is moved to elevate the garage door. Hence these are rarely used by those who are sensitive to noise. Many prefer these types of openers only if the garage is situated at a distance from the house.

Belt drive

Belt driven garage opener is made of a rubber belt. It helps to slide the trolley while the door is opened and closed. The rubber belt makes the belt drive to move smoothly without making noise. Hence the door will vibrate lesser than the doors open through a chain. But, in comparison to the chain drive, these belt drives require frequent maintenance. For adequate maintenance of these drives, you should call technicians rather than trying to repair it yourself.

Screw drive

A threaded steel rod is used in a screw-driven garage door opener. It helps in lifting and lowering the rod, and the door moves accordingly. These types of openers are made with fewer openers, and hence you will face lesser problems in the future. These also help in smooth and quick movement of trolleys and inexpensive too.

Direct drive

The direct-drive opener is the self-motor that works directly to open and close the door. Here no belt or chain is used so that you need not worry about the maintenance of the drive. This helps in the smooth and quiet operation of the door. This type of door opener fits the premise with every size and design.

We hope now you have a clear idea about the available types of garage door openers available in the market. Are you are looking for the installation of the garage door, and that for the first time? Well, you need to know about the opener options there in the market. There are many reputed companies which are selling the products needed for garage door functioning. You need to avail the services of a trusted company for the garage door opener replacement.  We recommend the name of SECURE AND CARE as it offers the best services and that too at an affordable rate. Connect with the experts today.

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Reasons Which Makes A Garage Door Go Off-Track

There are several reasons for which a garage door can get off the track and touch the ground. Whenever you experience this issue with your garage door, it is necessary to call a professional to fix the issue. They know the right technique to fix the issue, and that too in a short period. This situation can cause a serious accident that can be injurious too. Hence it is necessary to call an expert for garage door off track repair immediately. Want to know a few of the reasons which are common in case of a garage door to go off-track?

Close impact

It normally happens when the person drives the vehicle extremely fast into the garage before the door of the garage open completely. It makes a collision between the car and the garage door, and the rollers start coming out of the tract. This collision does not only damage the lower part of the door but also harms the entire door system. If this happens frequently, then the garage door will get off the track.

Damaged lift cable

It mainly happens in the case of an old garage or if the garage is not used for a long time. Lift cables are laying on both sides of the door, and if one side is affected, the entire weight of the door shifts to another side. As a result, one side of the door will remain completely closed, whereas the other side will stay partially opened. To get rid of this problem it is suggested to call an expert who will take care of the problem easily.

When tracks are misaligned

It is another common reason that leads to keep the door out of the track. This situation mainly occurs when the bolts grip the horizontal tracks get unfastened. Hence the brackets start vibrating abnormally. As a result, the tracks get misaligned and cause damage to the door. Moreover, if the door is not made of quality material, then the door will start bending, and after some time, it will fall on the floor. Hence, it is always suggested to inspect the track of the door properly.

Whenever you notice this situation, it is suggested to repair the gate at the earliest with the help of professionals only. They will open the gate door and check the condition of the door. Accordingly, the expert will take the necessary steps to change the door. We are confident that you know what can be the probable reasons behind the problem of going off track. It will be advisable for you to take the needed care and precaution to restrict such problems to arise in your garage. But, in case there is the worst case you face this issue with your garage the call your nearest garage door off track repair technicians. If you are still wondering whom to call the feel free to connect with the experts of Secure For Sure. The technicians here are not just expert in their job but also offer quality services at an affordable price.

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Garage Door Repair: Parts That Should Be Changed By Experts

These days it is common to garage in every house. Many use it for the parking of the car and many use it as additional space for storing excess items in the house along with the vehicle. The garage door can stop operating due to various reasons. When the parts attached to the garage door get damaged, then the door automatically stops working. So, once you noticed the problems with the garage door parts, you should call technicians to repair it as do it yourself can cause injury to you. So here you must know the parts for which you should call experts to repair.


It is always necessary to maintain the garage rollers. The rollers work along with the wheels and the metal track. Hence these parts need proper care at regular intervals. Proper lubrication must be done from time to time. Still, these parts get damaged the most due to excess use and hence need repairing. Here you need to call technicians to change the parts or otherwise, it can be dangerous if you do it yourself.


Due to long hours of use, hinges become worn out, and hence these require proper repairing. However, repairing of hinges is not as tough, as revamping the rollers still if you should take expert help. Otherwise, if this remains loose, then it can damage the garage door.

Spring alteration

It is the most common and essential part of a garage door. Torsion springs are attached to a metal shaft with the help of a cable drum. It is attached at both sides to balance the door. If the spring gets loose, then the balance of the gate will be disturbed, and it will not work properly. Hence for repairing the springs, you should call professionals.

Amend door opener and bracket

Once you feel there is a problem with the garage door opener, you should not wait to fix it yourself.

The professionals can diagnose the problem easily and can do garage door bracket repair smoothly. You cannot inspect the actual cause of the problem, and wrong fixing can cause serious accidents later.

Cables and drums

Cables help the door to move up and down without any hassle. Once these cables get damaged, the gate cannot move properly. Here you need to call a technician to fix the problem rather than doing the alterations yourself.

There are many other small parts in a garage door which may also get damaged due to regular wear and tear. We will recommend you to go for annual servicing of the garage door to ensure it keeps serving you for a long period. There are many companies which are having expertise in garage door parts repair that also includes garage door bracket repair. Avail their services to keep the door functional for a long. If you need the services, from one of the best in the industry, then we will take the name of SECURE FOR SURE. Connect with the experts for more guidance on garage door maintenance. Quality services at the best price guaranteed.

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Useful Maintenance Tips Of The Door For The Owner Of A Garage

The garage door needs proper care to keep it operating for a long time. Like other areas of your house, garage doors also need the desired care. Every homeowner must know the tips for maintaining the health of the garage door. Garage door maintenance is important, to help it serve you long. It is necessary to inspect the door at regular intervals and should call a technician once you notice any problem.

Check regularly

Whenever you enter the garage, you should check whether the door is operating properly or not. If it is making a sound or moving abruptly, then you should call a technician to do the necessary alterations.

Stiff parts of the door

A garage door keeps moving all through the year for indefinite times. Hence it is common to witness that brakes, rollers, etc are getting loose and cause a barrier in the operation of the door. Once such problems are noticed or identified, it is necessary to tighten all these parts on an immediate basis. Either you can do it yourself or can ask an expert to do that. Its always better to seek the assistance of professional experts.

Check the balance of the door:

If the spring adjustment of the garage door is not done properly, then it will face a balancing problem. You will notice that the door will not be opening up properly and cannot move upward automatically. It is caused due to the problems in the spring adjustments. Here it is necessary to call experts to check it and fix the problem.

Replacing weathers trip

If you find that the rubber weather strip of the garage is broken, then you need to repair it immediately. These strips are easily available in the market, and you can fix them easily.


Lubrication is one of the most significant tasks to keep the garage door well-maintained. Regular lubrication will help the parts of the door operating properly. Lubrication of the garage door will not consume much time, and you can do it on your own if you wish to.

Check the door

Whether it is wooden or metal, a garage door should always be checked regularly. The wooden door is prone to crack, and distortion due to seasonal changes, whereas the metal door will have rust on it after a certain period. Hence, it is necessary to check the condition of the door regularly and do needful for its maintenance.

The above are some of the important tips that need to be considered by all garage owners. From time to time, maintenance services need to be done to ensure the door remains functional for a long period. Now the question is who to call for the garage door maintenance services? There are many companies which can assist you with door repairing services. But you need to find the best for you. One of the trusted companies on which many banked and satisfied is SECURE FOR SURE. Visit the portal of the company for information, and we are sure you will find its services worthy to avail.

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Installation Of Garage Door: Necessary Facts To Know

Whether your garage is new or old, installation of a garage door will always be a complicated task. One should not take a risk by installing it personally. If you feel that you can do it easily, then you are having a wrong conception. It needs expertise and only a professional can get it done in the right way. It is always suggested to call a professional to get the best guidance in garage door installation. Here it is also necessary to understand the process of setting up a garage door. The best part of availing of services from the experts is that they will guide you about the techniques to take care of your garage door to serve you long.

The differences in the technique of the installation of a garage door can be noticed due to the difference in the type of garage door and its opening system. A professional will check these aspects and then will follow the below-mentioned procedure to install a garage door.

Capturing correct measurement

Before the installation of the garage, it is necessary to measure the dimension of the opening of the garage. You need to calculate the height of the garage. The measurement must be taken accurately so that after installation of the door, you will not face any problem. Here it is also necessary to check whether the concrete level is perfect or not.

Buy the parts

Once the professionals check the dimensions of the garage, they will ask you to buy the parts required for fitting the garage door. Along with the door, you need to buy various parts, tracks, springs, parts to open the door, etc. When you are going to buy these parts, you should make sure of the quality of the products. If you want, they can help you in buying the right set of accessories for the door.

Installing the door in the track

Once you have all the door accessories and door, the professionals will set it in the track. Sometimes it may require fixing the door on one panel at a time. If this is the case, then the track must be placed down on the ground first and attaché the panels to one another with axes. Techniques will be different for different types of garage doors.

Fixing the track

It is one of the most crucial tasks of garage door installation. Only experienced professionals can do the job accurately and with absolute professionalism. It should be properly leveled and spaced so that it can be set correctly. One should know the exact distance from the front of the garage for correct fixing.

Setting up springs and bars

Different types of torsion springs and bars are used to set a garage door, and here it is necessary to go with the exact spring and bars for the door designed for the installation.

Garage Door Opener installation:

The garage door opener needs to be attached to the door via cables or a chain. It will be hanged from the center joist of the ceiling and will be installed as per technical specifications by the experts.

The above are the steps followed for the installation of the garage door. For professional garage door installation at an affordable price, call the experts of SECURE FOR SURE.

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5 Signals Indicating That Your Garage Door Needs To Be Replaced

From time to time, maintenance of the garage door is important to keep it functional for a long time. A well-maintained garage door will also add value to your home. A garage door is not just the entrance for your home but plays an important role in curbing appeal. Hence a homeowner needs to stay aware of the situations when garage door replacement is necessary.

Damaged door:

There can be several causes that can make a garage door damaged. But once you notice the damaged door, you should not ignore it and call a professionals technician immediately. Otherwise, small damage can develop into big hazards. It can accidentally hit on the door at the time of parking or even due to wear and tear for many years, it can get damaged. In both situations, it needs a replacement.

It has crossed the age of 30 years:

The normal lifespan of a garage door is nearly 30 years. It is not uncommon to notice scratches and rust on the garage door if it has crossed that age. Whatever may be the material, the garage door starts deteriorating once it crosses its normal lifespan. When you realize the aging of the garage door, you should arrange for a fast replacement of the garage door to avoid any inconvenience.

Noisy door

Most of the time, due to the absence of lubrication, the garage door can sound badly. It seems not a severe issue, but ignoring this problem for a longer period can lead to major problems. So, it is suggested to call technicians to do the necessary repairing work. Then will inspect the problem, and if necessary, they will change the rollers and will do the necessary lubrication to keep the door calm. If it is found, that complete replacement is the only solution, then it will be done with your consent.

Making the exterior more attractive

The garage door adds value to your house and enhances the look of the exterior. Hence if you feel that the door looks shabby and it curbs the appeal of your house, then you can plan to make the alterations. The change in the style of the garage door will not only make the door attractive but also it will enhance the beauty of the exterior of your house. Replace old door with new and trendy garage door replacement.

Add more value to your house:

Repairing and maintenance of the garage door not only enhance the aesthetic look of your house but also adds more value to your house. Hence whenever you are planning to sell your house, you will a good return.

Those are the reasons for which a garage door needs to get a repair or replacement. Replacement of the door is a critical job, and you cannot hire anyone for this job. Search for the best service provider in the industry. If you want us to recommend, then we must say that banking on the services of SECURE FOR SURE will help you to get the desired services and that too at a very reasonable price.

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When Should I Call The Garage Door Repair Technician?

Repairing a garage door is not like repairing other areas of your house. The garage door is lofty and risky too to fix the issues on your own will be difficult if you are not an expert in this field. So if you are planning to alter the garage door, then you need to appoint professionals. Experts will take a look at the door and will do the needful for the garage door repair.

When do you need to call a technician?

One should not take the risk to repair the garage door without the help of the technicians. If you are too adventurous in life and want to take the risk of repairing the door of your garage, just understand that it can lead to an accident and may hurt you badly. A garage door may malfunction due to different types of problems, and you will not be able to resolve them, and it needs an expert’s intervention. Hence, calling a technician will be the best option. The situations when you should call a technician to repair a garage door are mentioned below.

Making noise is an acute problem with a garage door. The door mainly sounds while the rollers are not working properly, and it needs lubrication. Faster inspection and repair will stop the door from making noise and further problems.

Once you notice that the safety sensor beams or photo eyes of the garage door are not working properly, then you should call experts to repair it. The faster you resolve the issue, the higher will be the chances to avoid hazards.

Sometimes, due to the quality of materials used to make the garage door and lack of proper maintenance, cracks or blemishes can occur on the door. Hence, to resolve all these issues it is necessary to repair the door by only an expert. They will do the necessary alterations to it so that the door will get a new look.

If you notice that your garage door is moving abruptly then it may be due to a broken chain or cables. Here it is suggested not to take the risk repair it on your own, and call technicians immediately. The expert will do the necessary restoration to the cables and chains so that the door can work properly.

If you suddenly notice that the remote of the garage door is broken then it is suggested to call the experts immediately. They will restore the door with a new remote so that the door, starts working properly.

We are sure that by this time, you already got a sneak peek at the situations when you need to call a garage door repair technician in Collegeville, Jenkintown, Blue Bell, New Hope, North Wales, Yardley & surrounding cities. Now the question is who to call? You need to ensure that you are hiring the best technician for this job. One of the leading and reputed garage door repair technicians of the industry is SECURE FOR SURE. We insist you visit the portal of this company for more information.

Important Steps Followed For Garage Door Off Track Repair

Broken garage doors can be risky for you and your family. So, it is essential to know how to solve the garage door off track. With the guide of detail guide, you will know of the steps you require choosing. After that, your doors should stay in proper working for years to come.

In a way, the essential of maintenance cannot be importance enough. Unfortunately, not all homeowners are ready to invest many years in this activity. As a result, these homeowners are frequent forced to learn the typical way.

In other words, they have to know how to repair garage doors on their way. Even though we advise calling a technician to repair the doors, there are some points you can take to save further damage. In some cases, you may even solve the problem by yourself. Some checklist of the steps you should follow when you observe that the doors are stuck:

Give importance to the following steps when trying to solve a garage door that’s come off its tracks:

1. Collect materials required for putting a garage door back on its tracks. These consists a wrench, hammer, pliers, and wood blocks, and some sort of lubricating material like spray or even cooking oil.

2. Manage someone to assist you open the door manually after detaching it from the opening mechanism. Your guide should help you lift the door and then fixed it on saw horses or wood blocks to kit open.

3. As you disconnect the door, pay heed to where the door placed on the tracks so you know where it’s coming off track.

4. Attach grips or locking pliers to hold the door up, in addition to consists of wood blocks there for safety issues.

5. Introducing pliers alter the metal on the edge of the track and set the wheels back into the track. You can fix the wheels into the track by knocking the side of the track back into shape as it was before you employed pliers on it.

6. Ensure the door is set to the opener and can function smoothly.

 A garage door off track repair is a hard job. It’s actually easy when directions are followed and safety steps are taken. The essential part is to have a professional inspect in regular interval of time of the garage door. Garage door tracks can be repaired smoothly by moving the door manually and then securing it with pliers while you watched. Ensure your tracks are fixed to your walls; this will also assure that the tracks stay still totally. Doing so will deliver a safe and working garage door for your home.

Even if you are unaware how to replace garage door rollers yourself, there are some things you can do to extend the quality of your doors. After all, garage doors are an essential element of our home, and we employ them many times during the day.

“Secure for Sure” team repair Garage door off track repair with professional skill effectively to secure garage door for long span of time.