Garage Door Maintenance – Some Major Tips To Remember

Maintaining a garage door is very important for anyone; the first step while approaching garage door maintenance is finding out which part of the garage door is defective. Another very crucial thing is to find out if your garage door is under warranty period. If your garage door is under warranty, you just have to claim the warranty by calling your dealer. If the garage door is not under warranty, you must call a professional who will repair your garage door.

Rust is the biggest problem with garage doors due to heavy rains and moisture; steel garage doors are prone to rust, especially if you are staying in a hail-prone area. However, if your garage door is made of wood, your primary problem is getting them painted every year as organic materials like dirt, leaves, or grass get caught up in the garage door quickly.

Key garage door maintenance areas to consider


Lubrication is the most specific area of maintenance when it comes to garage doors, but many garage door owners ignore this. Every mechanical, electrical, automotive part requires lubrication for a smooth operation. Similarly, lubricating your garage door is also equally important to enjoy its long life. It is advisable that you apply a penetrating lubricant quarterly; the movable parts must be lubricated cautiously; consult a professional who had installed your garage door for the first time.

Tighten Up

Just like any other electrical device, or an automotive engine to a water pumping machine, even a garage door requires tightening-up of screws and respected parts in your garage door. The tightening process is best performed during the process of lubrication. The method of tightening-up thus can also be performed quarterly. The process of lubrication and tightening up of the parts of my bicycle reminded me of when my father used to teach me during my childhood days. The tightening-up process ensures safety around the garage.

Alignment of the tracks

There are three types of tracks Standard lift, Vertical lift, and high lift. Even aligning of the track can be done by you; the need to align the track is found during the lubrication process and tightening-up of the garage door parts. It is strongly advised to call a garage door professional while you perform the aligning process of your garage door. This is because you will get hands-on experience while you perform it for the first time. It is always better to have hands-on experience sitting beside a professional. Improper or lack of alignment of your garage door can result in a malfunction of your garage door and may later cost you more in terms of maintenance cost.

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Even though maintaining your garage door can be a (DIY) do-it-yourself activity. But consulting a professional once a year is critical to the process of garage door maintenance. Regular self-checkup of garage door parts, including tracks, battery, remote, lubrication, and the tightening-up process, is necessary for the long life of your garage door. However, an investigation by a professional once in a year is best. You can get a certified health check of your garage door. The process of professional checkup is a time to sort out all your clarifications and an opportunity to learn more from the professional; you can rest assured that your garage door will perform a safe operation throughout its lifetime.

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