Garage Door Installation – Few Important Guidelines to Remember

Garage door installation is not a tough job to perform; it can be installed in under 5 hours by diligently following the manufacturer’s guidelines to install a garage door. There are several essential parts in a garage door: cables, handles, door panels, bolts, screws, springs, hinges, struts, rollers, metal track, and various others. It is much easier to install a smaller garage door compared to more oversized garage doors that need a professional to install your garage door.

If you already have an old garage door and are considering replacing or installing a new one, you must consult a professional because uninstalling the older garage door is quite risky; it involves uninstalling several parts mentioned above. It is hazardous and life-threatening.

Professional garage door installer Versus Do-It-Yourself

There are several types of garage doors available in the market, for example, wood, metal, aluminum, single or double door, with or without windows. While installing a garage door, there is one crucial factor to consider; the garage door’s insulation value and energy efficiency; the insulation value is called the R-Value; the higher the R-Value of the garage door indicates more excellent insulation and energy efficiency. This is important during harsh climates as it protects the vehicles and valuable household goods from excessive heat during summers and cold winters. For such expertise, it is highly recommended that you get professional help while installing your garage door.

Types of garage doors

Roller: They are ideal for a small driveway; they usually come with aluminum strips operated by remote control with an automatic locking system.

Up and over: This type of garage door is suitable in spacious garages as the mechanism involves outwards swing and then up and parallel to the ceiling of the garage.

Sectional: The sectional type works similarly to the Up and over type; the only difference is that it doesn’t need a swing to open.

Swing Hung: The Swing Hung type of garage door operates as a standard door; however, this type of door requires vast space for opening.

Following are standard critical tips in installing a garage door

• The level and the bottoms of the tracks in the garage door should be parallel and should be in level; this is a crucial step while installing a garage door.

• Ensure the use of quality standard parts provided by the manufacturer; the bottom brackets must be securely fastened on the door. Do not over tighten any part of the garage door as it may lead to improper functioning in the long run.

• Ensure the overhead track is perfectly aligned; alignment is necessary so that the track doesn’t fall; there are incidences in which the garage door fell from the track and resulted in damage to properties and hurt people around the garage door.

• It is essential to read the installation guide thoroughly before proceeding with garage door installation; close attention must be paid while adjusting the spring, which is the core part of the garage door installation.

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It is highly recommended that you get your garage door installed by a professional. If the garage door is not installed as per standards, it can create an accidental situation; the hinges and springs must be aligned as per specified standards to avoid any hazardous situation. Educate every member of your family, especially kids, about the safety measures around your garage door.

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