Garage Door Openers: Few Things You Must Know

Garage doors, be it of your residence or commercial premise, opened and closed for unlimited times all through the day. This functionality of a door depends on the garage door openers. The mechanism of these openers helps in the smooth operation of the garage doors. But, due to the long usage of these openers, it can get damaged over time and need repairing. It is necessary to call an expert for adequate garage door opener replacement. Here it is necessary to know the types of garage door openers available in the market and suitable for your garage door. How the new opener will be installed for your garage door will depend largely on the type of garage opener there in your garage door.

Chain drive

To open and close the door, metal chain drive openers are widely used. It has become popular among homeowners due to its cost-effectiveness and ease of use. But it makes noise when it is moved to elevate the garage door. Hence these are rarely used by those who are sensitive to noise. Many prefer these types of openers only if the garage is situated at a distance from the house.

Belt drive

Belt driven garage opener is made of a rubber belt. It helps to slide the trolley while the door is opened and closed. The rubber belt makes the belt drive to move smoothly without making noise. Hence the door will vibrate lesser than the doors open through a chain. But, in comparison to the chain drive, these belt drives require frequent maintenance. For adequate maintenance of these drives, you should call technicians rather than trying to repair it yourself.

Screw drive

A threaded steel rod is used in a screw-driven garage door opener. It helps in lifting and lowering the rod, and the door moves accordingly. These types of openers are made with fewer openers, and hence you will face lesser problems in the future. These also help in smooth and quick movement of trolleys and inexpensive too.

Direct drive

The direct-drive opener is the self-motor that works directly to open and close the door. Here no belt or chain is used so that you need not worry about the maintenance of the drive. This helps in the smooth and quiet operation of the door. This type of door opener fits the premise with every size and design.

We hope now you have a clear idea about the available types of garage door openers available in the market. Are you are looking for the installation of the garage door, and that for the first time? Well, you need to know about the opener options there in the market. There are many reputed companies which are selling the products needed for garage door functioning. You need to avail the services of a trusted company for the garage door opener replacement.  We recommend the name of SECURE AND CARE as it offers the best services and that too at an affordable rate. Connect with the experts today.

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