Garage Door Spring Repair – Why You Should Call A Professional Garage Door Technician

Spring is an essential part responsible for the smooth functioning of a garage door; it is necessary to adjust the spring correctly; an increase or decrease in the spring tension can cause accidents, or the garage door may not open or close as it should perform in normal circumstances.

The process of replacing the garage door spring is highly complicated and requires a professional to do the replacement; it is advised that spring replacement should not be performed without the help of a garage door spring replacement professional. If the garage door looks imbalanced, there is a probability that your garage door springs are loosely mounted to the wall.

Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s guide regularly; lubricating the parts of your garage door is an essential aspect as it smoothens the machinery and gives long life to your garage door. Regular inspection of the springs is necessary to avoid their replacement.

Safety First When Repairing Or Replacing Overhead Garage Door Springs

The lifetime opening and closing capacity of a spring in your garage door is approximately 10,000; after this limit, the springs are liable to deteriorate; you will start experiencing slow functioning of your garage door, even though the springs of your garage door is of high quality; it will deteriorate with time. You must consult a professional before replacing your garage door spring.

There are two types of springs in a garage door located on both sides of the garage door for smooth functioning; they are also called torque springs and extension springs. The top of the garage door functions with a torsion spring (works by twisting its end along its axis, it is twisted, exerts a torque) that helps raise the door. The torsion springs with extreme torque are challenging to replace and align as per industry standards; these springs are susceptible and need extra care while replacing them. If the torsion spring breaks, the door will come down, crashing anyone beneath it; there have been several accidents regarding the failure of torsion springs in the past; especially with the children playing around the garage area.

On the other hand, the extension springs are responsible for smooth functioning of the garage door, they are long and coiled springs installed on both right and left sides of the garage door, they are unlike torsion springs in terms of risk; however, at times they can also be dangerous while replacing them as they require complete dedication during the process of replacement and alignment.

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It is essential to hire an expert for Garage door spring replacement. As Do-It-Yourself job, it may hurt you; if you do not follow the manufacturer’s guidelines provided to you by the dealer in the form of a booklet. Springs are the most expensive as well as the most crucial part in your garage door. Springs are the backbone of the entire garage door system; if the springs are incorrectly installed, they can result in considerable losses in terms of time and safety risk to you and family members.

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