Types Of Door Spring Used in Garage Door

Garage door spring is one of the most essential accessories that help to balance the door properly. It keeps the garage door intact so that it does not lose its balance and stop working. Due to regular usage, these springs will decay and stop working. Hence these are required to be altered before your door stops working. Here you need to contact experts for garage door spring replacement at the earliest. Garage door spring is one thing which we prefer to ignore till the time it stops functioning, and we face a mess. But before you call professionals, you should know the different types of garage door springs that are available in the market.

Extension spring

These thin and long springs are fixed horizontally to the door’s track. When the door is moved, these springs get extended and preserve the energy.

These springs are mainly open-looped, clipped-end, and double-looped. Open-loop spring is the weakest among them all as this is based on a single open wire at the end.

Whereas, the double-looped spring is much stronger than the single-looped spring. Double-looped springs are featured with two coils at the end, and it connects the pulley and the eyebolt.

The last one is clipped-end, and this is a robust one. It lasts for a longer period and can be used frequently on a garage door that weighs more than 200 lbs.

Torsion spring

The use of a torsion spring depends on the size, weight, and strength of the door. Normally a garage door is fixed with one to four torsion springs. These are broad and are placed at the top of the metal shaft of a garage door. Torsion springs are also available in different types in the market. Torsion springs are also available in different types like; standard torsion springs, early-set torsion springs, steel rolling-door torsion springs, torque-master torsion springs. Among these, early set and standard springs are widely used, for residential garage doors. The other two have wide uses in commercial garage doors.

Whenever you feel that these springs are required to be replaced then you can buy them online or from the local markets too. But to fix them, it is always suggested to hire experts otherwise; it can be dangerous if you do it yourself without knowing the techniques to replace them.

There are many companies which can offer you this service. These companies are having experts with them for garage door spring replacement. Just give them a call, and they will visit your place to get the work done for you. When it is about your garage door, then you need to ensure that you avail services from one of the leading companies of the industries. Reputed companies give the guarantee of the work they do for your garage door repair. Secure For Sure is one of those companies in the industry, which is having a great name and fame for its quality services. To know more about this company and its services, feel free to give them a call.

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