Features Of The Best Garage Door Openers

While functionality varies considerably from model to model, there are a few general factors to think about if you are looking for garage door openers.

If you have a problem with any of the below functionality it is suggested to get garage door opener repair from Secure for Sure.

Auto-reverse:  Safety is a critical feature of garage door openers. All the best devices are equipped with automatic reversing, so the direction of the door changes in the event of a collision with an unexpected obstacle. Although it hit the market in 1982, it was signed into federal law by 1993, so all compatible door openers reduce the risk in this way. If you have an old garage door opener from 1982 or earlier, it’s worth checking out to make sure you and your family are not in danger.

Manual door opening:  While manually opening a door may seem contrary to the principles of door automation, it is a vital component. Smart garage door access is cool, but what about when there is a power outage? You might want to get into your garage anyway, and manually opening the door allows you to get in even when there is no electricity.

Spare battery: We’ve seen the pros of manually opening the door, but what about a backup battery in the event of a power outage? While you will only be able to use this reserve in limited quantities, it is worth having on hand and is invaluable if you are suffering from prolonged power loss.

Safety lights: As a rule, smart garage door openers are equipped with integrated signal lights. Plus, depending on the approach you choose, you can use the bottle opener in conjunction with a range of other smart home appliances and modules to improve functionality and make your life safer and easier. With motion sensors added to the mix, you can fully secure your garage door for less money than you might imagine.

Other garage door solutions: Perhaps the idea of automating access to your garage is not for you. This is the beauty of smart homes, there is no prescribed solution, just what suits your needs best. If you don’t like the smart garage door opener, you might want to consider a keyless entry system or a simple monitoring kit.

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