What Are The Mistakes You Encounter During Garage Door Installation?

For most people, it takes a little longer to do a garage door installation by them because it is not something you do every day. Following a few simple guidelines will eventually save you some time during the process and with preventive support from an expert from Secure for sure you can lessen the odds of you spending out cash for exorbitant fixes.

Do not install alone

Due to the complexity and potential safety hazards during the installation of the door, we never recommend that anyone other than trained professionals attempt garage door installation.

Installing a new garage door for do-it-yourself-ers is moderately difficult, but it certainly can be done. Springs can be dangerous to handle, so never do it alone! Ask for help from experts from Secure for sure when trying this task as there is a possibility of an accident with Springs! You will want to avoid some common mistakes when doing a garage door installation.

Using Nails to Replace Log Screws

It is not advisable to use nails in place of log screws in framing. Some of the reasons for this are:

When the garage door opens and closes, it puts more force on the nails and pulls the nails out of the frame. The weight of the door requires an additional support of the log screws

Leaving the steel stepper

A steel stiffener must be installed above the garage door. It has been omitted too many times because it causes problems:

This reinforces the top panel of the garage door, causing the panel to crack if left open without the repeated jerking from the motor.

Installing Door Opener Off-Center

When installing a garage door opener, care must be taken to install the motor and lift assembly in the exact center of the door. Failure to do so will result in the door being locked. It is common for people to try to install it in the center because of obstacles. Move the barrier without making the installation off-center.

While this may seem like a simple process to remember and get on to the process of the installation of the door, it must be remembered that this could become extremely dangerous if not performed by a professional. A lot of precision, how-to’s and a lot of preparedness needs to go into this process. Installing a garage door all by you could even turn deadly if the installer does not have the proper training and the required experience to do the job.

Every garage has its own uniqueness and particular complications. A professional from Secure for Sure allows the process of installation to go very smoothly because they understand how to handle such challenges, and also expect them before they arise.

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Also when it comes to choosing the best garage door for your garage, Secure for sure offers a number of suggestions regarding garage door installation, security, maintenance, convenience, and selection, while promoting safety at priority. We have hundreds of garage doors designs, colors, and options available to fit any budget.

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