Things Everyone Should Know Before Replacing The Garage Door Spring

The most important things while getting your garage door in shape are safety and caution. We tend to forget about garage door springs until and unless you face a problem opening the garage with a door or that’s broken. There are only a couple of methods to solve this problem either you call a professional to fix it or try to replace the garage door spring by yourself.

Though you can solve this problem by DIYING, which will save you some money, it will be effective only if you properly fix it. Otherwise, calling a pro will be a better option. It will protect you from hazards as well! Now it is your decision whether you want to call a professional or head to a hardware store. Before that, get to read this blog to know about various types of garage door spring replacement. As a newbie, crosscheck the kind of spring you will require before replacing the garage door spring.

Extension Springs – when a door is moved, these springs save energy by stretching. These springs are long, skinny in shape, which run parallel to the door. They can be of various types such as open-looped, double-looped, clipped -end.

Open looped extension spring – these are weak springs and depend on the open wire.

Double-looped extension springs – Double-looped extension springs are strong springs that feature two coils at the end of the spring, which joins it to the pulley and eyebolt.

Clipped end extension spring – these are robust springs that last for a long time and utilize garage doors that weigh more than 200 lbs.

Torsion spring – based on the door’s size, weight, and strength, a garage door needs one to four torsion springs. You can find these springs on a metal shaft above the door openings. First, torsion springs are broad in shape. Then it would be best if you placed aluminum drums on either end of the metal shaft. After that, springs are fixed around specific torsion according to the assembly. Torsion spring can be of standard, early-set, steel-rolling door or torque master- springs.

Standard torsion springs – on the residential garage door, we can find standard torsion springs, and you will need only one spring for the efficiency of lighter doors.

Early set torsion springs – these springs’ properties are similar to standard torsion springs, except if you find it fixed on the middle of the torsion shaft.

Steel rolling door torsion springs – these springs are generally found in commercial and industrial buildings. The torsion barrel contains steel rolling door torsion springs.

Torque master torsion springs – torque shaft contains torque master torsion springs. These springs are fixed in place with the help of a winding cone placed at the end of each torsion rod.

So any extension springs will be applicable for residential replacements. You can even use standard or early set torsion springs. In commercial and industrial uses, steel rolling door and torque master spring as they use heavy garage doors.

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In a nutshell, keep in mind the above-discussed things before you hire a professional to replacethe garage door spring. The important benefits of choosing a professional like Secure for Sure garage door services at are:

1. They are available for 24×7 round the clock

2. They provide reasonable and good quality services.

3. They repair and replace at incredible prices. 4. Availability of proper tools and well-trained experts.

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