What’s the Right Time to Replace Your Garage Door Spring Cables?

When should you go for garage door cable repair and replacement? It is the first thing that strikes your mind when you suspect an issue with your garage door cable. Inspecting the cables should be a periodical activity and not a causal task. Cables support the action of your torsion spring. If you don’t repair them when they need them, you are likely to experience garage door breakdowns.

Here are some instances when you should consider repairing or replacing your faulty garage door cables:

1. When there’s a Noticeable Damage

Spotting severe damage to your garage door cables? You should immediately look for a professional garage door cable repair and replacement service in your region. Don’t take any chances when you see damaged cables in front of you. Or else, it might lead to accidents. So it isn’t something that you could take on a light note.

2. When Cables Start to Fray

Seeing frayed cables in front of you? You shouldn’t look down the situation. It’s the most frequent issue with the garage door cables that a homeowner comes across. But most of the time, it gets neglected. But you shouldn’t. Spotting frayed cables is fairly easy. You just have to look for cables that get separated from each other. Consider repair or replacement as suggested by your garage door repair expert.

3. When the Garage Door Cables Break

Due to prolonged use, the cables tend to develop tension that could cause them to break them apart. If this situation happens, you will be unable to use your garage door. It will completely restrict the movement of your garage door. To address this situation, you need to inspect the cables by an experienced garage door repair specialist. He might suggest you to replace the broken cables that you should immediately act upon.

4. When Cables Get Loose

Loose cables are the reason behind garage door malfunctioning. Spotting them at the earliest helps you escape the inconvenience they cause. But to locate loose cables, you need to keep up with the inspection schedule. Or else, they will cause your garage door to stop working all of a sudden without letting you know.The periodical inspection is the only way to get the cables inspected for such issues. If the cables are in bad condition due to overuse, you might need to replace them to address the situation.


There are lots of issues with garage door cables that might demand immediate garage door cable repair and replacement. Sometimes, the wires got frayed while other times, cables might get broken. But whatever the issue is there, you need to take it on a serious note and look for possible repairs or replacements. It’s the only way to avoid trouble that happens due to issues with garage door cables.

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