What Has Caused My Garage Door to Go Off Track?

Troubles happen with almost everything and your garage door isn’t an exception. At times, it might go off track, demanding immediate garage door off track repairfrom a professional. It could happen due to issues with rollers, broken springs and various other issues. But in most cases, the problem can be tracked visually.

Wondering how to figure out the garage door off track issues? Here are some of the problems that cause your garage door to go off track:

1. A Broken Spring

A broken spring often results in shifting your garage door off the track. It is the most frustrating situation for any homeowner. But you should immediately report it to a professional garage door off track repairspecialist. The idea is to get the garage door fixed again and put it back on the track that’s get shifted due to a broken spring.

2. Severely Damaged Doors

Has your garage door got damaged near the bottom or top edge of the panel? If this is the situation, then it will push your garage door to go off track. If the panel has got buckled outward, it reflects that the garage door has gone off the track and it’s time to repair it at the earliest.

3. Misaligned Tracks

Are your tracks aren’t aligned with the vertical rails? Maybe it’s due to loose bolts on the bracket that trigger this situation. When remained loose, they could cause the garage door to go off track. You could feel it when opening or closing your garage door as the tracks don’t stay parallel due to the impact. It is a risky situation as it causes the rollers to come off the tracks. You need to ask for help from a professional garage door repair specialist.

4. Accidental Blow to Garage Door While Parking

At times, you might end up hitting your garage door while parking your car. Though you accidentally hit it up, still, the blow is too hard sometimes that pushes the rollers out of the track. You might like to push back the rollers back to the track by putting some efforts. But it isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to rely on a professional to fix garage door off track issues as performing a DIY could be risky in this situation. If you made a wrong attempt, then it might fall out of the tracks.


There could be numerous issues that could cause your garage door to go off track. But regardless of the nature of the issue, you need a professional garage door off track repairagency to deal with this situation. Whatever happens, don’t indulge in performing DIYs as there is a risk of getting injured. Whenever you see any of the situations as discussed above, make sure to immediately consult with a professional.

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