Garage Door Repair – Problems and Fixes

Garage doors are essential to protect your vehicles in your homes, but when you find yourself in a position where you cannot take your car out to your office early in the morning, it gets embarrassing. Garage doors have two components the door itself and an opener with which you press it to open the door. For some people, repairing a garage door is a simple job, but if you are not familiar with fixing a garage door, do not attempt to repair as it may hurt you physically.

But sometimes lubricating and cleaning the garage door passages can work, which is a do-it-yourself job. One must not panic, it is advisable to try it yourself first, and if it doesn’t work, you must call a professional for garage door repair.

Let us now list down possible problems that you may face with your garage door

• The garage door doesn’t respond to the opener remote

• The garage door opener is functional. However, the door doesn’t open

• The garage door opens partially

• The garage door takes a lot of time to open with a noise

If you are facing such problems with your garage door, you need a repair to your garage door.

How do we repair a garage door?

• Firstly, the garage door repair involves testing the motor, which is the core part of a garage door; then, the next important thing is the garage door’s battery. Aligning the garage door machine is another aspect to inspect; lubricating the entire machinery in the garage door every month is another essential aspect to consider.

• You must ensure continuous power supply to your garage door opening system, check the system on which your garage door works; there are two forms of spring opening system if your garage door is a standard form. You must check if the cables and pulleys of your garage door are in proper condition, check if the springs and rollers are not broken. 

• In case your garage door has a torsion spring (works by twisting its end along its axis, it is twisted, it exerts a torque), then in this scenario, you need to call in a professional, as such garage door openers are large and mounted over the door that might be risky for you to repair.

• In emergency case you need a temporary fix, and then you must pull the red cord hanging from the opener. This will disconnect the opener, and you can open the garage door manually; however, be careful while opening the door as it might shut suddenly if the spring of the garage door is broken.

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Conclusion Repairing a garage door is a challenging job but an interesting one; it is advisable that you must be a part of garage door installation and ask questions to the installers during installation. This process will help you during any issues with your garage door and ensure that you can do it yourself during an emergency.

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