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If you want, your garage door to operate smoothly, you should make sure that your garage door cables are correctly set. They act working together with the twist springs. You will see the links in link drums at the two finishes of the hub on which the springs dwell. They run from the roller sections on the base corners of the doors to the link drums. At the point when you raise a garage door, the springs loosen up and the energy (pressure) that is put away assists with lifting the door. Right now, the links fold-over sections in the link drum. At the point when you bring down the door, these links loosen up from the link drum and rewind the springs to their full pressure.

It can be a case that broken cables can discourage your day. Moreover, if by chance, your garage door won’t open, your garage turns into a celebrated stockpiling shed – with helpless access! In light of the peril in working with high-twist springs and the cables, we suggest that you call an expert Garage door cable replacement as opposed to complete the task without anyone else. Dodge the danger and migraine by calling Door Power! We offer same-day service extraordinary guarantees, and the sort of service you recall for quite a long time past.

Signs Of Broken Garage Door Cables

Both twist cables and expansion spring links are produced using hard-core aroused wire. Most homeowners will get long years from their springs. Different occasions, abrupt or progressive impacts can make springs break, bringing about harm and possibly genuine injury. Search for these indications of broken links:

The door quit working: A wrecked garage door link drum or link can trigger safety highlights, keeping the door from moving until the fixes are performed.

The door is lopsided: Frayed or harmed links can turn out to be free, prompting lopsided garage door activity. If that you notice your garage doors inclining aside, it’s feasible because of free garage door links.

The door moves excessively quick: Cables keep garage door activity smooth and consistent. If that your door is shutting quicker than anticipated, it may be because of broken links.

Kinds of garage door cables

There are two primary types of garage door cables:

Twist cables: Torsion cable runs from the door up through link drums. Twist springs are mounted along the middle, over the garage door.

Augmentation spring cables: Extension spring links connect to the expansion springs – long springs running along either side of your garage door track. They join to a pulley toward the finish of the spring. Secure garages have built a reputation in providing the best Garage door services and if you think you are looking for the best garage door cable replacement, feel free to reach us through our site or call us at 888-691-4045 as our experts are ready to help you 24/7.

Why Should You Take Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement Seriously?

Whether you should be serious about timely garage door spring repair and replacement or not? Not sure why you should take your torsion spring on a serious note? Well, there is a gamut of reasons for it. If you want to avoid accidents at home or don’t want to spend top dollars on sudden garage door breakdowns, then you should take garage door springs more seriously than ever.

Let’s find out in details why you should care about timely repair and maintenance of your garage door spring:

1. Prevent Serious Injuries

Periodic garage door spring repair and replacement let you escape the accidents and injuries at home. Garage doors are extremely heavy and they rest on torsion springs. If breakdown, they could injure you.This is why every garage door repair expert encourages for periodic maintenance of garages to ensure smooth functioning and avoid accidents that could turn fatal.

2. Avoid Escalation of Spring Issues

Garage door springs also need to be inspected timely for issues. Even minor trouble with the torsion springs could turn into an eyesore at a later stage. It’s why their maintenance is necessary. It is to avoid small issues turning into big troubles, disturbing your peace of mind. Periodic maintenance could detect and fix the issue before they become a nightmare.

3. Give a Safety Cover to Your Garage Door

Replacing the broken springs could save your garage door from getting damaged. Often times, the damage could be severe, demanding a lot of money from you for fixes. Also, it creates a lot of nuisance in life as you have to deal with the unwanted garage door repairs all of a sudden. But with effective repair and maintenance of your garage door, such unpleasant issues could be avoided to a great extent. 

4. Extend the Life of Your Garage Door

If you simply want to extend the life of your garage door, you shouldn’t put a deaf ear to spring repairs and maintenance. Lubricating the springs and pulleys in the mechanism could extend the life of your garage door. If you want your garage door to serve you for a long time, it’s important to emphasize on its periodic repair and replacement of the faulty parts.

5. Avoid Rust Issues for Smooth Functioning

Torsion springs can catch rust if not repaired and maintained timely. Rust could produce more friction in the moving parts that lead to excessive wear and tear of the garage door. Make sure you replace the springs that are rusted to ensure smooth functioning.


By now, you might have understood how important it is to consider timely garage door spring repair and replacement. If left unattended, these issues pile up and often hinder the smooth functioning of your garage door. It’s better to repair the springs if you find them caught up with issues to ensure smooth functioning. Replace the springs or repair them, whatever your garage door repair expert suggests after analyzing the situation.

Considering garage door spring repair and replacement? We could be of great help! We are Secure for Sure, your one-stop destination for all garage door repairs you will ever need. We address garage door issues effectively so that they could serve you for a long time. Call us now to repair your garage door.

What’s the Right Time to Replace Your Garage Door Spring Cables?

When should you go for garage door cable repair and replacement? It is the first thing that strikes your mind when you suspect an issue with your garage door cable. Inspecting the cables should be a periodical activity and not a causal task. Cables support the action of your torsion spring. If you don’t repair them when they need them, you are likely to experience garage door breakdowns.

Here are some instances when you should consider repairing or replacing your faulty garage door cables:

1. When there’s a Noticeable Damage

Spotting severe damage to your garage door cables? You should immediately look for a professional garage door cable repair and replacement service in your region. Don’t take any chances when you see damaged cables in front of you. Or else, it might lead to accidents. So it isn’t something that you could take on a light note.

2. When Cables Start to Fray

Seeing frayed cables in front of you? You shouldn’t look down the situation. It’s the most frequent issue with the garage door cables that a homeowner comes across. But most of the time, it gets neglected. But you shouldn’t. Spotting frayed cables is fairly easy. You just have to look for cables that get separated from each other. Consider repair or replacement as suggested by your garage door repair expert.

3. When the Garage Door Cables Break

Due to prolonged use, the cables tend to develop tension that could cause them to break them apart. If this situation happens, you will be unable to use your garage door. It will completely restrict the movement of your garage door. To address this situation, you need to inspect the cables by an experienced garage door repair specialist. He might suggest you to replace the broken cables that you should immediately act upon.

4. When Cables Get Loose

Loose cables are the reason behind garage door malfunctioning. Spotting them at the earliest helps you escape the inconvenience they cause. But to locate loose cables, you need to keep up with the inspection schedule. Or else, they will cause your garage door to stop working all of a sudden without letting you know.The periodical inspection is the only way to get the cables inspected for such issues. If the cables are in bad condition due to overuse, you might need to replace them to address the situation.


There are lots of issues with garage door cables that might demand immediate garage door cable repair and replacement. Sometimes, the wires got frayed while other times, cables might get broken. But whatever the issue is there, you need to take it on a serious note and look for possible repairs or replacements. It’s the only way to avoid trouble that happens due to issues with garage door cables.

In search of a trusted garage door cable repair and replacement service? We’re your first point of contact when loose cables or broken cables become your point of concern. We’re Secure for Sure, a renowned name in the garage door repair industry. Let us handle all of your garage door repair concerns as we address them effectively. Reach us now!

What Has Caused My Garage Door to Go Off Track?

Troubles happen with almost everything and your garage door isn’t an exception. At times, it might go off track, demanding immediate garage door off track repairfrom a professional. It could happen due to issues with rollers, broken springs and various other issues. But in most cases, the problem can be tracked visually.

Wondering how to figure out the garage door off track issues? Here are some of the problems that cause your garage door to go off track:

1. A Broken Spring

A broken spring often results in shifting your garage door off the track. It is the most frustrating situation for any homeowner. But you should immediately report it to a professional garage door off track repairspecialist. The idea is to get the garage door fixed again and put it back on the track that’s get shifted due to a broken spring.

2. Severely Damaged Doors

Has your garage door got damaged near the bottom or top edge of the panel? If this is the situation, then it will push your garage door to go off track. If the panel has got buckled outward, it reflects that the garage door has gone off the track and it’s time to repair it at the earliest.

3. Misaligned Tracks

Are your tracks aren’t aligned with the vertical rails? Maybe it’s due to loose bolts on the bracket that trigger this situation. When remained loose, they could cause the garage door to go off track. You could feel it when opening or closing your garage door as the tracks don’t stay parallel due to the impact. It is a risky situation as it causes the rollers to come off the tracks. You need to ask for help from a professional garage door repair specialist.

4. Accidental Blow to Garage Door While Parking

At times, you might end up hitting your garage door while parking your car. Though you accidentally hit it up, still, the blow is too hard sometimes that pushes the rollers out of the track. You might like to push back the rollers back to the track by putting some efforts. But it isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to rely on a professional to fix garage door off track issues as performing a DIY could be risky in this situation. If you made a wrong attempt, then it might fall out of the tracks.


There could be numerous issues that could cause your garage door to go off track. But regardless of the nature of the issue, you need a professional garage door off track repairagency to deal with this situation. Whatever happens, don’t indulge in performing DIYs as there is a risk of getting injured. Whenever you see any of the situations as discussed above, make sure to immediately consult with a professional.

Struggling with garage door off track repair issue? We can help you in this unpleasant situation. We are Secure for Sure, the most sought-after garage door repair experts in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, SJ and NJ. We help homeowners in putting their garage door back on the track on just a phone call. Reach us now to get started!

Should You Perform a DIY or Choose a Garage Door Repair Service?

Wondering whether you should consider garage door repair services in Delaware or do a DIY? Obviously, asking for a professional service gives you an upper hand over the DIY. Though performing a DIY seems an easy option to you but actually, it isn’t. You would never know if the garage door fix you have just attempted would last long. There is also a risk of accidents.

Here are a few more reasons to invest in a professional garage door repair service than doing a DIY:

1. SavingYour Time

Time-saving is the biggest factor that encourages people to seek garage door repair services in Delaware. After all, you couldn’t spend the whole day fixing your garage door. It’s where a professional could help you. Since he does this kind of stuff everyday, he could do it faster than you, thus, saving your precious time.

2. Costing You Less Money

When it comes to cost, hiring a professional could be a lot cheaper than doing it DIY. If you do it on your own, either you will have to buy the garage repair tools or rent them. Either way, you would be spending more on fixing your garage door which isn’t the worth. On the other hand, if you hire a professional, he would bring along all the tools required to handle the job. This way you could save the money while getting the right fix.

3. Minimizing the Risk of Injury

Dealing with a garage door is a risky affair. You could end up injuring yourself. In fact, many accidents happen every year while performing a DIY garage door. It’s not worth the risk. You should rather leave it to a garage door repair expert. He will come up with all the safety tools required to do the job in a safe and sound manner that thwarts the chances of any accidents.

4. Enjoy Around the Clock Service

What would happen if you want to fix your garage door in the middle of the night? You will have to stay awake until it gets fixed. This might be inconvenient for you. It’s where relying on a professional service helps you address the situation effectively. Most of garage door repair services offer 24X7 assistance. At least, you can rely on someone who can get the job done in a matter of minutes than making you awake for a long time.


Investing in professional garage door repair services in Delaware DE, Pennsylvania PA, New Jersey NJ is something you could really trust when it comes to service quality. Often, they offer quality repair you could truly bank upon. Most garage door repair experts offer quality service and even warranty on the service. In other words, you get quality repair and true worth on the money spent. Backed by service warranty, you will no longer need to be bothered about the quality of work. It satisfies your concerns and gives you peace of mind.

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5 Typical Malfunctions That Happen to Your Garage Door

Has your garage door stopped working all of a sudden? Consider the time has come to seek garage door repair services in Pennsylvania. You might be wondering what has gone wrong with it. It’s always good to have some knowledge beforehand. The idea is to know the different types of instances that cause your garage door to stop. So when the next time your garage door gets malfunctioned, you could figure out the reason easily.

Here are a few reasons for malfunctioning of your garage door:

1. Photo-Eye Goes Out of Alignment

Have you just noticed that your garage door isn’t closing despite pressing the remote several times? It means that the photo-eye has got dysfunctional. You need immediate garage door repair services in Pennsylvania before the situation escalates. If the photo eye gets misaligned, it will block the light from the beam. You need to see a garage door expert to make it functional again.

2. Dead Transmitter Batteries

Upon pressing the remote, the garage door isn’t opening? It could be due to dead transmitter batteries. The garage door remotes are frequently used throughout the day. So chances are that batteries go low on energy without letting you know. Consider replacing the old batteries with the new ones and check if the problem has got fixed.

3. Broken Garage Door Springs

Are your garage doors not moving up all of a sudden? Everything is right with your power transmitter and motor? Then there might be a broken spring issue that you need to fix as early as possible. Usually, when a spring breaks, it causes a loud sound. If you have recently heard such loud bang from your garage door, chances are that your garage door springs have broken.

4. The Trouble with Wall Switch or Wires

Have you made several attempts but your garage door isn’t moving an inch? You need to immediately check for the issues with the wall switch. Sometimes, it gets damaged due to electrical issues, causing the garage door to stop. You have to replace the whole wall switch to address the situation. Also, check for the signs of wire damage. Due to stapling, sometimes, the wires get damaged and demand repair.

5. The Door Has Got Out of Track

Have you noticed any areas of friction during the garage door movement? If yes, then the chances are your garage door has gone out of track. Due to it, it won’t slide properly, causing the garage door to get stuck along the way. In such an instance, you should see a repair specialist that could address the situation effectively.


A malfunctioned garage door is a big blow to your daily activities. So as soon as you detect the problem with the functioning of your garage door, you should immediately seek garage door repair services in Pennsylvania PA, New Jersey NJ, Delaware DE. You won’t be able to afford it in the malfunctioned state for a long time, no matter if it is due to garage door opener issues or damaged wires.It could lead to accidents as well if you don’t act on time. So don’t take any chance.

Seeking the top-notch garage door repair services in Pennsylvania PA, New Jersey NJ, Delaware DE? With a high customer-satisfaction rate, Secure for Sure would work well for you in fixing any issue that your garage door is experiencing. We are affordable and our garage door repair experts are certified that you will appreciate. Contact us today!

4 Top Reasons To Consider Garage Door Replacement

Wondering when should you consider garage door replacement? Well, a garage door is something that you frequently use throughout the day. But over time, the garage door parts tend to wear out and need replacement. The reasons to replace garage doors aren’t limited to their functioning only, sometimes, they could be related to your personal needs as well.

Let’s find out what are the prominent reasons that motivate you to consider replacing your garage doors:

1. To Replace a Door That Doesn’t Work

Obviously, living with a dysfunctional garage door isn’t a great choice. When a garage door no longer works, you need to replace it as soon as possible. It’s where you start looking for a garage door replacement specialist. This professional will find out what is causing your garage door to stop. Accordingly, he will give you recommendations to replace the garage door while keeping your budget in mind.

2. To Save Money on Bills

Using a decade-old garage door? Chances are that its parts have been damaged or worn out excessively. If it is badly worn out, it will lose heat in your home interiors and will trigger the energy bills significantly. If you really care about your money, you would like to fix it by replacing the garage door to the earliest you can. Replacement is the best choice here as it helps you save money in the long-term.

3. To Improve Your Home’s Visual Appeal

Old garage doors often turn shabby, thus, becoming an eyesore. In such time, replacing the garage door with the new one could help you restore the visual appeal of your home. You could also take it as an opportunity to match your garage door’s appeal with the newly furnished home exteriors. Replacing the old garage door with the new one works wonder for your home’s aesthetic appeal and thus a great idea.

4. To Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Are you planning to resell your home in the coming few years? If yes, replacing your garage door with a new and appealing one would be a great idea. Wondering how? Well, old garage doors look pale and dirty that could badly impact your home’s resale value. To negotiate a better price, you need to install a new garage door with charming colors. It is because clients are often willing to pay a higher price for a home that looks appealing from all angles.


There can be numerous reasons for considering garage door replacement. Some of the prominent ones have been mentioned here. Once you decided it’s time for replacing the garage door, you need to immediately contact a specialist to replace your garage door at the earliest. He will display a gamut of options for garage doors to choose from the list of contemporary options. You could then decide which one fits your budget and preferences.

Looking for a long list of contemporary options for garage door replacement in Pennsylvania PA, Delaware DE, New Jersey NJ? We are here to help you out! At Secure for Sure, we help our clients in replacing old and shabby garage doors with new and appealing ones and could help you too. Let’s get in touch to begin!

4 Warning Signs Your Garage Door Spring Leaves When Broken

Wondering how to know if your garage door spring has broken and demanding garage door repair services in New Jersey? Your garage door spring leaves a few tell-tale signs that you need to know. Mostly, it happens when there are excessive wear and tear of garage door spring over prolonged use. You shouldn’t ignore the warning sign. Why so? It’s because ignoring broken spring leads to serious accidents and is a serious safety hazard.

There should be no compromises when it comes to safety. Let’s help you know a few warning signs that your garage door spring leaves when broken:

1. When Garage Door Cables Get Loose

When your garage door spring cables get loose, they could halt your garage door functioning. In such times, you need to look for garage door repair services in New Jersey. It’s a serious warning sign and you should act before the cables slip out of place. If the spring gets broken, it will cause the cables to loose. You should figure out the warning sign and act to repair it.

2. When the Garage Door Feels Heavy

Your garage door feels heavy to you? Seems like there is a problem with the spring. Since torsion springs support the garage door’s weight, they are the first point of inspection when your garage door feels heavy. When your garage door doesn’t open, in most cases, there is trouble with the spring. It might be broken that you need to inspect. Don’t leave this warning sign unattended.

3. When the Door’s Movement Get Restricted to Six Inches

Since the garage door is heavy and is supported by springs, it doesn’t tend to open if the spring is broken. Its movement will get restricted to a few inches away from your door. Or maybe it doesn’t open at all. This could be due to the triggering of a safety system that involves sensors. It’s a warning sign reflecting that you should immediately act for spring repair.

4. When There is a Visible Gap in Torsion Spring

Just noticed a visible gap in your torsion spring? You might be curious to know what it is. It is telling you to act fast and get your garage door spring inspected. Torsion springs tend to unwind and leave a visible gap when broken. If you are seeing a gap in front of you, consider asking if a garage door repair specialist for help.


A garage door spring doesn’t get broken in a day of usage. It takes its time and leaves warning signs on the way that you could pick up to get hold of the situation. Never ever neglect warning signs that torsion spring give to you to avoid potential damages. Seek the help of a reliable garage door repair services in New Jersey if you have noticed a tell-tale sign. Acting timely for spring repair could save you top dollars in spring repairs and replacement.

Don’t leave anything to guesswork! Work with the most sought-after garage door repair services in New Jersey to address torsion spring issues before they turn severe. We are Secure for Sure garage door repair agency with certified repair specialists in the team. Work with us to ensure timely repair and maintenance of your garage door. Visit us today!

5 Garage Door Maintenance Tips to Prevent Sudden Breakdowns

A garage door is one of the most frequently used and least-maintained equipment in every house. Most homeowners don’t realize that garage door maintenance is crucial not just for its optimum performance but also for your safety. Garage doors that aren’t maintained well often cause serious accidents. They breakdown when you least expect them. So you should choose your move wisely.

Interested in maintaining your garage doors to prevent sudden breakdowns? Here are a few maintenance tips for your garage door to help you out:

1.       Inspect for Wear and Tear

Timely inspection to detect wear and damage works out great for garage door maintenance. You shouldn’t take it on a lighter note. Wondering what to do? Begin by inspecting the rollers. Do they look cracked to you? Or, do you see any sign of chipping? Next, check out the cables for any sign of damage. Do they look frayed to you? Or have they got out of alignment? Do brackets and hinges look worn to you? Inspect the garage door thoroughly!

2.       Lubricate the Moving Parts of Garage Door

Your garage door contains moving parts that need to be lubricated to prevent sudden breakdowns. But probably, it is the most neglected part. Most people often miss out on the lubrication schedule of their garage doors but you shouldn’t. Inspect the moving parts of the garage doors such as springs, rollers and the hinges and ensure proper lubrication for the optimum performance of your garage door.

3.       Inspect the Motor

The motor attached to the garage door is a crucial part that needs to be maintained in the most efficient conditions. It should work smoothly and without producing any unpleasant sound. If you hear any cracking sound while opening the door, you should immediately ask a garage door specialist for help. Don’t do any DIY or else, you would end up causing more damage to it than fixing it.

4.       Inspect the Tracks

Debris tends to stick to the garage door tracks. This is the reason you should inspect it thoroughly to detect any sign of dirt or debris lying on either side of the track. If found, you should immediately clean it with a cloth to avoid any chances of garage door breakdown.

5.       Inspect Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and bolts on the roller tracks and garage door brackets tend to get loosened and over time. If the conditions are left unattended, they may invite serious accidents. So you must not leave any nut or bolt in a loosened state. Make a periodic check and tighten the loose bolts and nuts as a preventive measure.


By now, you probably had an idea of how to proceed with garage door maintenance. However, garage door inspections are often messy and too much technical in nature. So performing a DIY is a risky thing in this case as you would never know when things go wrong. It’s better to leave this technical stuff to a garage door installation and maintenance expert as he knows how to handle the task professionally.

When it comes to garage door maintenance, we are the professionals you could trust! We are Secure for Sure, a reliable garage door installation, repair and maintenance expert in Pennsylvania PA, New Jersey NJ, Delaware DE. Let us inspect your garage door for maintenance needs as we handle it better than anyone else. Talk to us today!

5 Useful Tips to Help You Buy the Right Garage Door

Thinking of buying a new garage door for garage door installation at your home? Before purchasing a new garage door, you need to consider a lot of factors to make a perfect choice. Some of the prominent factors that influence the right garage door purchasing involve construction material, curb appeal, insulation quality, brand reputation, etc.

Confused about how to make the right purchase? Here are a few helpful tips to help you begin:

1.       Invest in One That Matches Your Home’s Appeal

To make your garage door installation really stand out, you need to invest in a garage door that really matches your home’s visual appeal. Invest in a garage door with a color that resonates closely with your home’s exteriors. It will simplify your task to find the right garage door for your home without getting befuddled.

2.       Prefer Construction Material That Serves Your Purpose

Garage doors come in all types of construction materials. From wood to steel and synthetic materials to aluminum, the construction material varies according to the garage door type. Which one would you choose? Got confused? Each construction material serves its own purpose. Is ease of maintenance you need? Or, you need more longevity? Or curb appeal? You need to find out your purpose for investing in it and choose accordingly.

3.       Choose Keeping Standard Types in Mind

Nowadays, every home follows standard garage door size while constructing the building. But it is not the case with the old homes. The older versions still follow non-standard garage door types and their distance from garage ceiling to door track varies. So you need to be wary of it and check the size before proceeding with the garage door purchasing decision.

4.       Invest in One That Complements Your Home Style

The type of garage door you need varies according to the style of your home. Do you own a vintage home? Then you need to invest in a garage door that has a classy appeal. Or, do you live in a contemporary home? In this case, you need a garage door with a raised 4-panel style. Choose wisely among the different options.

5.       Keep Insulation Factor in Your Mind

Do you treat your garage door space as important as your home interiors? Then, you might like to maintain the right temperatures in your garage door space to avoid costing you hefty energy bills. So to achieve it, you need a garage door with at least 2 or 3 layers to make your space energy efficient and keep the energy bills to the minimum.


Buying a new garage door for garage door installation requires you to follow a few crucial tips that have been mentioned here. Keeping these helpful tips in your mind would ensure that you get the garage door that truly meets your needs and preferences. A garage door isn’t something that you buy quite often. So make sure you choose it right in the first attempt and the tips mentioned here will help you to achieve the purpose.

With the right advice and useful tips, we ensure that our clients get the best garage doors for their homes. At Secure for Sure, we are the most sought-after garage door installation service in Pennsylvania PA, South Jersey SJ, New Jersey NJ, Delaware DE and adjoining areas. Reach us to get assistance with the installation of garage doors that have the potential to serve you for a long time.